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October 31, 2011

Game News

Watch a French Man Look At Sonic Generations’ Collectors Edition

It is near the stroke of midnight on the east coast of the United States of America. Unless you happened to live in Austin, Texas, the moment is now here. Sonic Generations will be live before you know it. Every reimagined level, each remixed track are waiting for your gaming pleasure. Sure, if you live Europe you have a bit longer to wait…well, unless you happen to live in France. Which is apparently the Best Buy of Europe.

The below video has spoilers only if you don’t want to know track listings and see inside books of art. And yes, it is in French, so if you are morally against such things, be sure to hit the mute button.

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Fan Works, Humor, Music

Halloween… Jams? Helpful Hints for a Frightful Frolick

The hits keep on coming. If you’re to find yourself in the most frightful of situations, you may find yourself hearing YouTube’s MaxieDaMan‘s mix of Carnival Night with the unexplored haunted mansion occupied with creeps, ghoulies and the ever unsettling, yet complimentary harpsichord under the title of The Haunted Carnival.

Sonic and the Retro Crew would like to remind all young ones to stay safe this Halloween. Be sure to read the list after the jump!

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