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October 18, 2011

Game Secrets

Second Generations Demo Round-Up: More Things Found!

So, if the Sonic Generations demo has dropped in your locale and/or platform of choice, you’ve probably had time to see the improvements to the engine and performance that have been made since the first demo came out–and they’re very encouraging, indeed.

However, that’s not really the fun part of getting a demo: getting new code to tear apart is. We found spoilers; they’re under the break. You’ve been warned. Continue Reading

Game News

Happy 17th Birthday Sonic & Knuckles

Today is October the 18th, which exactly 17 years ago, on Oct 18th 1994, saw a simultaneous US & EU release of Sonic & Knuckles, finally completing the half-finished game Sonic 3 that Sega had released earlier in the year. With the upcoming Sonic Generations featuring at least 2 S&K levels, it’s nice to look back and reflect on what was arguably the highest point the franchise has reached to date, in terms of the crap-to-crud ratio of titles available; and the completion of the final of the 4 main Mega Drive/Genesis titles.

So, discuss! I remember S&K being the closest to launch I’d ever owned any Sonic title to that point – I THINK I got it as an Xmas present rather than actually buying it outright (£45 or so was a lot of money to a 9 year old in 1994), though. I remember spending hours Locking-On random Mega Drive games to it and playing their special stages, as well as being amazed at how Knuckles could be shoved into Sonic 2, a game that had been out nearly 2 years by that point.

What are your memories of this classic?