Sonic and SEGA Soundtracks Up on Spotify Now

Seemingly out of nowhere, SEGA has added a ton of soundtracks to Spotify from their classic games, including Outrun, Fantasy Zone, Jet Set Radio and more, along with a plethora of Sonic OSTs from the likes of CD and Adventure. You can check out the entire library here for instant streaming, just note that Spotify does require a login for its basic services.

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    This is awesome news, but I just wish they’d put some of their stuff on Google Play Music. I’m an Android user who’s not a big fan of having separate apps installed that have nearly the same functionality as a lot of the pack-ins that Google gives. 😛

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    Uhhhhhh… These have been on spotify for MONTHS now. At least the likes of the Adventure OSTs and Jet Set.

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      Some of them have been, but they have also added a lot of soundtracks.

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    That’s so cool!

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