Monday Links: Recommendation Edition


So I don’t feel like writing anything with any real substance this week and I’ve been watching stuff lately so I’ll just recommend some random stuff: the Speed Racer movie, Death Parade, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, the Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy, Star Trek (the J.J. Abrams one), a rewatch of Cowboy Bebop, the Sonic OVA, and Dragon Ball Kai. Also 30 Rock.
Also these links.
Sonic Retro stuff

Sonic stuff

Other stuff

Video of the week

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    Next week you should tell us how far you get in Sonic Runners.

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    you typo’d;
    you called Sonic Runners “Sonic Future” on accident when you talked about the other future characters

    • Reply

      I guess that’s what happens when I’m tired and don’t really care when writing an article.

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