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Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Soundtrack Available on iTunes and AmazonMP3


SEGA and Sumo Digital have answered the demand for an official release of the soundtrack for Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. While it has featured a physical release in Japan on two CDs, you can buy each CD digitally through your choice of Apple’s iTunes store or on AmazonMP3. Each CD is available for $9.99 USD, (Or $9.49 on Amazon at the time of this writing,) and£7.99 GBP, or you can purchase tracks individually.

  • iTunes (Disc 1) [US] [UK] (Disc 2) [US] [UK]
  • Amazon Mp3 (Disc 1) [US] [UK] (Disc 2) [US] [UK]

For someone like me that’s been listening to this soundtrack in the most cumbersome way possible, (Try hooking up your phone to your car stereo and hoping all four G’s of your data connection can play songs off of YouTube and not stop to buffer every so often,) this could not have come at a better time for me.

Thanks to Sumo Digital’s Steve Lycett and Retro Staff Member GerbilSoft for providing links to the soundtrack. If you’d like a complete listing of the songs, head over to VGMDB.

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Sonic Rush Soundtracks Now Available on iTunes

Back 2 back, it’s spinning on it’s back
Back 2 back, on the turn takes back
Back 2 back, it’s spinning on it’s back
Back 2 back, on the back 2 back
Back 2 back, it’s spinning on it’s back
Back 2 back, on the turn takes back
Back 2 back, it’s spinning on it’s back on the turn takesspinnnvfdniofdsion screw it I’m not going to figure out all the lyrics of this thing. Those Youtube videos with the slightly wrong lyrics aren’t helping either.

The point is, the soundtracks for Sonic Rush  and Sonic Rush Adventure are now available on iTunes for $9.99 each. The first of which being the most noteworthy because Hideki Naganuma, known for his contributions to the Jet Set Radio soundtracks, did the music for the game. While he didn’t contribute to Rush Adventure, the soundtrack of that is quite awesome and worth listening to as well. Both have more than 40 tracks so there being too few songs isn’t a problem.

Click here for the Sonic Rush soundtrack.

And here for the Sonic Rush Adventure soundtrack.

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Wavemaster Announces “History of Sonic Music” 2-Disc Set

This has been quite the year in terms of Sonic the Hedgehog music releases. We received the amazing deluxe version of the Sonic the Hedgehog 1&2 Soundtrack. We just got the first official release of the Japanese soundtrack to the fan-favorite Sonic the Hedgehog CD. We have all been jamming to the love letter that is the Sonic Generations soundtrack, though its official release is still over a month away. And of course, we did get those Best-Of compilations for Sonic Adventure, Adventure 2, and Sonic Heroes, though those seem so far away. Well, get ready to add another music album to the pile.

History of Sonic Music 20th Anniversary Edition is a 42-track two-disc music compilation spanning every major title in Sonic’s two-decade career, starting with the original Sonic the Hedgehog and ending with last year’s Sonic Colors. If you want to be kept in the dark over what the track listing is, refrain from continuing on. Just know that only seven of the 42 tracks are repeats from the 20 Years of Sonic Music/History of the 1st Stage releases in each region’s respective collector’s edition. Those that are have been marked with a handy asterisk, for those keeping score.

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Sonic Generations Soundtrack Announced, No Details Given

So it’s pretty much accepted that the soundtrack to Sonic Generations is awesome. Of course, unless you just sit in front of your television watching the game (or enjoy the music through other means), there hasn’t been a way to enjoy the music on its own. Even in some of his worst showings, Sonic has always been about the music, and yet much hasn’t been said about an official release.

Without much fanfare, SONIC GENERATIONS Original Soundtrack: Blue Blur has been officially announced on Slated to be released on January 11th, 2012, the three-CD set looks to be the final hurrah for the 20th anniversary celebrations. Aside from that info, there hasn’t been anything else said about what the release will contain. No track listing, no number of songs, nothing about anything extra. All we know is that it will exist, which is enough for now. Hopefully, nothing will be missing on the track listing, since I know some people have been afraid it might not even come out since the DREAMS COME TRUE tracks are still owned by Masato Nakamura. Either way, it should prove to be exciting, if only so you can slide in a CD to impress your friends while you’re driving down the highway, unable to resist the urge to jam to Chemical Plant.

The set will retail for ¥ 4,200. No word on a western release just yet.


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Sonic 4 Soundtrack Ripped

Forum member infinity has somehow managed to obtain a copy of Sonic the Hedgehog 4‘s soundtrack and has posted it on the forums!


My thoughts? Splash Hill Act 1 was just really shoddily done; this soundtrack is nowhere near as bad as I thought it’d be! I recommend checking out Mad Gear in particular as well as Splash Hill Acts 2 & 3. Really top notch stuff all around.

Check out the relevant forum topic!

UPDATE: Boss 1 is actually an unused track from the 16-bit Sonic 3D – so at least one track from this game dates back to 1995! See the below Youtube link for the original unused song:

An MP3 download of the above track is here.