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Something For The Weekend: Woofle’s Sonic 3 Alternates


So it’s been a pretty okay week for news, with the Sonic Runners reveal yesterday (it’s looking fairly good by the way) and forum member Jollyroger managing to get the leaked POV version of Sonic Xtreme to run on Saturn hardware – and while Monday links was packed with cool things to get your teeth into and is always a great start to the week (thanks TimmiT!), I’ve taken it upon myself to give you something to end the week on as well. Usually, this will be something like a mash-up or remix, news of some event going on over the weekend or, you know, generally weekend-y things.

Today, in keeping with the Sonic 3 Remastered campaign (it was featured on the Daily Star website of all things!), here’s some fantastic musical work courtesy of Leila ‘Woofle’ Wilson. This is a fantastic playlist of alternate takes on famous Sonic 3 tracks, noticeably different from their counterparts in the original game, but still fitting with the mood of each stage. I’m getting some Death Egg vibes from the Launch Base Zone track – which, considering the background of the stage, is only appropriate I guess.

Anyway, to cut this short – if you’ve finished work or school for the week, put your feet up, unwind, crack open a favored beverage and have a listen. Enjoy your weekend.

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    While I appreciate the effort I have to be honest, the tracks are not good, the Ice Cap tracks sound like something from Sonic Advance series and the other tracks sound like something you’d get from Sonic 4, really not my cup of tea.
    I don’t see why not just use the tracks from PC version, if I recall they even have one or two unused tracks in there so that’s more than enough, they sounded great in Sonic 3 Complete, hell I think they sounded even better with the Genesis instruments than the original midi files.
    Besides SEGA have more than enough musicians to work for them, I highly doubt they’d wanna use fan-made tracks instead, if anything this could give them even more issues in the future with these fans demanding for having some of the profits, not saying that this is the case here but you have to think as a big company like SEGA where they’re already having enough trouble to even attempt such a thing, Jun Senue still makes great tracks for SEGA let them use that instead!

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      I actually am not expecting a job from SEGA, and that wasn’t really my goal at all. I’ve seen a few comments that make it sound as if I’m looking for a job at SEGA or something, and honestly, I’m not. 😛
      I was actually only trying to raise awareness for the campaign among Sonic fans who had not yet heard about it, as many of them follow me on Soundcloud. I don’t have any illusions of thinking these are going to be in a game. I made these songs because I love Sonic 3, and I want to let Sonic fans know that we could see it remastered. 😀
      So far, I’ve met my goal, and a lot of people who follow me there have said they’re going to sign petitions and go to the site, so I’ve met my goal! 😀

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    I’m down for those Sonic 3 Alternate tracks. Have people made other original, alternate tracks? I’d love to hear more like this.

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      @dereklipkin try checking for more.

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    I really enjoy these alternate tracks, especially Ice Cap Zone Act 1 and Launch Base Act 1. They definitely feel that they belong in Sonic 3. 😀

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    Team Falk should compose an original soundtrack for Sonic 3 Remastered. If that happens, Sega could charge $50 for it and I would still buy it.

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    Ice Cap is absolutely beautiful!
    Carnival Night is okay, but Act 2 sounds much better. It’s still better than generic clown music from original.
    Launch Base is great too, but beginning is kinda off for me.
    Carnival Night: Woofle > PC > Genesis
    Ice Cap: Woofle > Genesis > PC
    Launch Base: PC > Woofle > Genesis
    If music in remake would sound like that, I’d buy all versions possible.

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    I do wonder about the top comment, it’s a bit confusing. Sonictopfan, you say these songs aren’t your cup of tea, as they remind you of Sonic 4(one of the games you mentioned). Yet, you go on to say that SEGA should get Jun Senoue to compose the music again. If they go to Jun Senoue, the composer of Sonic 4, the new music would very much resemble that game, the very one you seem to be criticizing. I’m all for constructive criticism, but this looks like it’s borderline contradictory with your main point. I’m sure that’s not your intention.
    Regarding the music itself, I do like the music, Launch Base in particular. I do have some suggestions though. Some songs do get to be a bit loud at times, and I think it’s because you’re exceeding the channel limit the YM2612 originally had (not counting the PSG channel, there are times I hear more than five instruments coming from the chip). If you lower the volume for some harmonizing instruments so that they don’t clash so much, and also stay within the Chanel limit for both sound chips, it will be easier on the ears, and the lead melody can shine through.
    Keep up the good work!

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