Sonic Boom To Keep Going On According To Cartoon Network’s 2015-2016 Schedule

Sonic Boom returning

Turns out that the Sonic Boom games being terrible didn’t completely ruin the series. Turner Broadcasting sent out a press release today that says the Sonic Boom TV show will be a returning series in Cartoon Network’s 2015-2016 series. Seeing how only a quarter of the show’s first season has aired though, this likely means that they’ll just keep on airing the rest of the episodes rather than a new season being produced.
Other notable non-Sonic related stuff coming up is a Powerpuff Girls reboot (seemingly in the same style as last year’s CGI special) and a direct-to-TV Regular Show movie.

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    Alright! so the series won’t be cancelled. Or, they could just cancel the series and release the DVD set sooner.

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    I’ve enjoyed the first dozen episodes. Eggman and Knuckles seem to get the best/funniest dialogue. Boom deserves a second season, so I hope this happens.

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    The show is doing well not because of the redesigns and different universe, it’s because of the writing, had they used the original designs by SEGA I’m sure the show would have received the same reception if not even better.
    There is absolutely no reason why this spinoff needed to exist, Sonic is popular in the west the way he is, there was no need to change the designs, only put more effort on making the games.

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    Hmm, not surprised. More surprised at the Powerpuff Girls reboot, wonder how that’ll turn out. And loving the new Marceline thing.

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    I feel it’s worth pointing out that the characters themselves are written differently than how they are done in the regular game series (to date), sometimes subtly, sometimes more obviously. For example, Amy is radically different in Boom from her previous incarnations that makes her feel like just another one of the gang and actually contributes an equal amount back (and personally, this is a welcome change for me, as I was getting weary of her continued stalker-like fangirlism for Sonic). Knuckles also is altered in that is more brawns than brains than ever before…something the jury’s still out over, but that’s another story. Sonic, Tails, and Eggman are LARGELY the same, but every now and then something new that wasn’t really there before manifests themselves in various ways. Eggman, for instance, doesn’t strike me so much an evil genius in Boom as rather a lonely man who doesn’t know how to interact well with others and expresses his frustration by being the villain (oddly deeper sounding than intended, especially given Boom’s more humorous rep, but I stand by the point).
    Did Sega really need to make a whole spin-off series to achieve this? Probably not, but that being said, I think the idea of a spin-off that wasn’t so tied down by past expectations of the franchise helps them be open minded and try things that maybe wouldn’t have been so readily tried before with the characters.
    Personally, I think what Sega’s mistake with Boom was chickening out and making Boom a mere spin-off rather than a more “this is Sonic now” across the board. I won’t be the one to try and determine if making Boom the new Sonic period from the beginning would’ve been a good move for Sega, especially now that we’ve some of the results of it as a spin-off and are all thereby bias with some skepticism, but I can’t help but think that it would’ve at least forced Sega to put more time and energy into it, and hopefully would’ve made it more…worthwhile…for everyone involved across the board, and probably wouldn’t have resulted in quite-so-rushed and troubled games…but I suppose we’ll never know now.
    I, for one, am glad to hear the show will be pressing on for now despite the failures of the corresponding games, as at least the show managed to get off to a fair start.

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