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First Sonic Runners Details Revealed Along With Teaser Trailer

Sonic Runners

Maybe a little later than we expected, but still we’ve finally gotten the first details of Sonic Team’s upcoming mobile game Sonic Runners. SEGA released a teaser trailer for the game, but it doesn’t show anything from the game aside from one of its music tracks, which is seemingly composed by Tomoya Ohtani. According to the game’s official site, it’ll be a free game with microtransactions that’ll be released for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Android phones. The above promotional image also shows that Chao will make a return, that Windy Hill is one of the game’s worlds and that Mother Wisp from Sonic Colours DS is in the game for some reason.
Famitsu has given more details on what we can expect from the game, which Andrej from the Sonic Stadium has translated. The playable characters are Sonic, Tails and Knuckles, with more to be added later. Graphically it’s comparable to Sonic 4, as the game is played from a 2D perspective but uses 3D graphics. And while Sonic will run forwards automatically like in Sonic Dash, it won’t be an endless runner. Instead the game will have 50 stages with more that will be added later on, each of which take up to two minutes to finish. You’ll also be able to take multiple/hidden paths to get faster times. Aside from that, the game will have a story that’ll be split into short scenarios, with some of them having callbacks to older games.
There’ll parts throughout the game where Eggman pops up and has to be driven off, and the Colour Powers from Sonic Colours and Lost World also make a return. You’ll also be able to use support characters, and if you happen to live in Japan you can sign up to get a “special companion” when the game is released. Finally, you’ll also be able to compare times on leaderboards and there will be special in-game events during holidays like Christmas. Sonic Runners will be released this Spring in Japan, and seemingly soon after in the rest of the world.

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    This sounds a little bit like Rayman Jungle Run and Fiesta Run to me. You run in those automatically, but they are level based (also quite amazing, as they use the original engine running under Origins and Legends, so they feel a lot like the big games).
    If this thing is at least half as good as those games, we have a really fricking good game incoming.

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    *hoping it will be a Sonic-Advance-2-like game*

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    Why are both SOA and SOE being mum about this? Sonic is far more popular in the west and these mobile releases have been massively popular with Sonic Dash still showing up in the App Store’s top 100 charts two years after it launched yet we haven’t heard a peep. When’s the last time they didn’t have a worldwide announcement for a Sonic game?
    What reasons would they have to be silent about this? They’ll use any excuse they can to plug Boom on their Facebook and Twitter pages…

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    Eh, I’ll wish it the best, but I think I’ll wait for another major console Sonic game.

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    This… sounds meh.
    Game seems to be focusing on the micro transactons a la Dash, mentioning it has DLC planned before showing a video of the game or screenshots of gameplay. On that, it’s just the background of windy hill and OH LOOK AT ALL THESE EXTRAS THIS GAME HAS
    Basically the game seems to be focusing more on “lel content variety” than what the game actually IS, which considering the micro transaction model just screams this being a penny pincher game.
    The music sounded cool though.

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    Awesome trailer, I get to play all these levels in 1:1 replicate of the classic physics? Neat!
    But seriously though, besides the picture and the logo we got no news here, movin’ on.

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