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Monday Links: Schrodinger’s Edition

Schrodingerian box

Nobody knows if Monday Links is alive or not. Sometimes is just kinda pops up again, while at other times it just kinda seems to have died into obscurity. Some wonder if Monday Links was ever truly alive for the past year or so, as it only sometimes kinda popped up and then disappeared again for who knows how long. Others just don’t care cause really why would you you probably normally don’t even look at the front page and just go straight to the wiki or forums you jerk. >:(
Anyway, these Monday Links articles usually takes quite a bit of time to make so I’m gonna trim them up a bit from now on. From now on it’ll focus more on Sonic and less on SEGA in general. If you want to see the latest SEGA news and cool SEGA features, you should go visit SEGAbits. Those guys do a pretty damn good job covering all things SEGA and really I’m just wasting time linking all the stuff they put up there when you can just visit their site.
Also I’ll probably use more Space Dandy gifs.
Sonic Retro stuff

Sonic stuff

Other stuff

Video of the Week

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    Good to see that monday links is back.

  • Reply

    about time. Your front page has been hungry for news for weeks.

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    What the Sonic Runners trailer basically meant to me: “Hey guys! Remember that timeless Genesis-style gameplay that you all used to love? Those were good times. NOW HERE’S SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT! AGAIN!”
    Oh well, hopefully Tails and Knuckles will be able to fly and glide…because Sonic Boom even deprived us of that.

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