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SEGA Shows Support for Amazon Fire TV with Sonic Line-Up

Amazon’s set top box pulled a SEGA Saturn by releasing at the same time as it’s announcement, not only acting as a direct competitor to other multimedia devices such as the Apple TV and the Roku, but also acting as a dedicated game console as well, sporting it’s Android based operating system sporting games like Minecraft – Pocket Edition, Telltale’s The Walking Dead and more. With an Android based system comes SEGA with a number of conversions of their Android based Sonic games. Check out after the break below to see the list of games from SEGA that became available at the launch of the system as well as their price and more on these ports.

  • Sonic CD ($2.99)
  • Sonic 1 ($2.99)
  • Sonic 2 ($2.99)
  • Sonic 4 Episode 1 ($3.99)
  • Sonic 4 Episode 2 ($4.99)
  • Crazy Taxi ($4.99)
  • The Cave ($4.99)
  • Virtua Tennis Challenge ($4.99)

Being that this is part of Amazon’s hardware line, the market will only work with Amazon based products and marketplace and will not be able to utilize Google Play features. Which means that functions such as leaderboards, achievements or the online 2 Player Mode in Sonic 2 omitted from the Fire TV version. According to Taxman on Twitter, he has stated “There’s no multiplayer library for Fire TV as of yet, and the project scope didn’t allow for developing Split Screen.” You’re also likely to expect a lack of multiplayer in Sonic 4 Episode 2, as well as our good buddy the minecart in Episode 1, (And the screen rotating with you as you go through loops! Hurk!) just like the Ouya version.
The set top box is available for $99.00 and has opened up to some lukewarm reviews. You’ll also need the proprietary game controller for the unit as well for $39.99. However if you’ve been wanting to play the Retro engine ports of Sonic 1 and 2 on your television without dealing with your Android tablet, for the time being this is where its at. Just keep in mind of the 8GB storage (5.5GB left over for users to do as they please!) while you’re getting games for the device. Hopefully with better storage solutions in the near future, the Fire TV will definitely be an interesting piece of technology for video games.
Wait, so where is Sonic 1 and 2 for Ouya?

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  • Reply

    No S3&K
    goddammit sega…. get your fucking shit together

    • Reply

      Sonic 3 & Knuckles hasn’t been ported to the Retro Engine. I’d like to add “yet” at the end of that but with all of the muddy issues regarding the game’s music I dunno if it’ll ever be ported to Android.

    • Reply

      Wasn’t a Sonic 3 & Knuckles port clearly hinted at at the 7 Chaos Emeralds ending of the Sonic 2 remaster?

    • Reply

      If Sega really did listen they’d do something smart like have Sonic fans make all new chiptune tracks for the ones they can’t get past the legal issues for.
      Heck maybe have them be remixes of the game gear game music.
      Though I think they’ll manage the Sonic 3 games just fine considering they managed the last few ports of S3K.
      I just hope a Retro Engine port will be as extensive as Sonic 3 Complete hack and then some. :3
      The real question though is if Sega is really smart and will ask for an original remake of what Sonic Crackers rom would have been if it were Sonic 4 lol.
      Or Just port Knuckles Chaotix lol (with a level redesign ha)

    • Reply

      Just wait my friend

  • Reply

    “Android based system”
    Not interested. We have enough of those already.

  • Reply

    I run all these plus sonic genesis hacks from this site on my Ouya just fine.
    Nice to see them on the Amazon fire but already bought them for google play so unless they hit PC I don’t think I’ll buy it a second time like I did the Sonic CD port (three times actually)

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