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Sonic Lost World Getting Pre-order DLC Featuring Omochao

In these modern times video games often have pre-order bonuses to convince the consumer to buy the game. Usually this is some kind of skin, extra mission or unlockable character. For Sonic Lost World there’s already the Deadly Six edition for everyone who buys a first run copy, but apparently Sega thought this wasn’t incentive enough.

Depending on where you pre-order Sonic Lost World, you can get a some extra items or an exclusive skin for Omochao. In the UK you can get a rare gold Omochao RC Gadget and five extra Black Bomb Color Powers at ShopTo. In the US Gamestop has an Omochao RC Gadget with a Sonic skin and at the pre-order bonus is 25 extra lives.

[Source: The Sonic Stadium]

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    Oh! It’s not that you get a skin for Omochao, you get a playable Omochao for player 2! That’s kinda cool. Omochao can legitimately say that he’s here to help you now.

    It beats the 25 lives, anyway…

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    I want that Big the Cat skin. If only he was a unlockable character.

    Also offering extra lives and a gadget is not nearly enough to convince me to pre-order.

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    These extra 25x lives will stay with every continue or to be used only once? I’m kinda liking the gold Omochao more!

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    25 lives is a pretty sad excuse for a preorder bonus. Might as well have not done that one. I get the feeling Amazon insisted at the last minute and Sega hadn’t planned any more than they’d already put out, so to save re-using anyone else’s deal just threw up a lives pack.

    Shit, you got 30 lives on Contra with the Konami code…

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    Not like lives are relevant nowadays anyway. :S infinite lives would have been a more interesting preorder bonus. Or gameplay mechanic to work around instead. We don’t fucking need lives for anything that isn’t “arcade mode” anymore, I swear. If game over just boots you out of the level, which you can easily return to, why have a lives system at all?!?

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    Sonic Omochao: PRESS THE A BUTTON TO GO FASTTS!!!!

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    25 Lives, more of a ripoff than A Hedgehog Dash?

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    Lets see either an Omochao or 25 extra lives….

    Well that’s a no brainer I would rather have 25 extra lives than an annoying Omochao.

    Actually better yet I would take both, so I can see how many funny Omochao deaths I can create!

    But in all seriousness I feel I’m going to be stuck with Omochao since I might plan on Pre-Ordering the 3DS version at my local Gamestop.

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    Think the game is gonna be too hard? Preorder it!

    I’m serious though, this is HORRIBLE pre-order content. How about a small figurine on a stand? A Lost Hex puzzle? SOMETHING?

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