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September 27, 2013

Game News

Sonic Lost World Getting Pre-order DLC Featuring Omochao

In these modern times video games often have pre-order bonuses to convince the consumer to buy the game. Usually this is some kind of skin, extra mission or unlockable character. For Sonic Lost World there’s already the Deadly Six edition for everyone who buys a first run copy, but apparently Sega thought this wasn’t incentive enough.

Depending on where you pre-order Sonic Lost World, you can get a some extra items or an exclusive skin for Omochao. In the UK you can get a rare gold Omochao RC Gadget and five extra Black Bomb Color Powers at ShopTo. In the US Gamestop has an Omochao RC Gadget with a Sonic skin and at Amazon.com the pre-order bonus is 25 extra lives.

[Source: The Sonic Stadium]