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A Round-Up of Today’s New Sonic Lost World Stuff

So with all of these new Sonic Lost World previews and videos popping up today, it’s probably best to make a post rounding them all up rather than dropping them all into Monday Links. Besides the new spoilerific trailer above, here are all of the other new things:

If I missed anything, please say so in the comments below and I’ll update this post

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    “Zavok: Master of Chaos”
    Okay, so I guess Zavok could bitch-slap Perfect Chaos in the face if he wanted too. 😉

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    The second link has the opening cutscene and Windy Hill zone 3. Both looks amazing! 😀

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    lololol sexism. Zeena’s not just “the chick,” she’s the embodiment of the stereotypical teenage girl. Nerfuffle’s image is starting to look more accurate.

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    Hey, transitional bosses! The boss battle actually leads to the next Zone, a la Sonic and Knuckles.

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    An awsome game that every sonic fan want to play it but they r only for the fucking WII U nad the ather fucking thing 3Ds>:(

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    You forgot that iTunes Japan recently released 2 tracks from Sonic Lost World (Wonder World and the short version of Windy Hill Zone 1)

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    NOW! Tell me, how do you defend yourself against a ripe banana?

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