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Starbucks US Pick of the Week: Sonic 4 Episode II

Back in August, UK Starbucks customers were *ahem* treated to a free download of Sonic 4 Episode I for iOS. This week, US customers have a chance to own the second episode on their iDevices at no charge. From now through November 26, Sonic 4 Episode II will be available for free at Starbucks chains across the country. Simply take one of the cards near the register, enter the promotional code on the back, and you’re good to go. Note that this is only valid for US and Canadian iTunes accounts.

Special shoutout to Twitter user @SonicNerd97 for giving me the heads-up about this.

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    Well still, it’s free….

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    Yet still no discount on the PSN. Not even for Black Friday.

    What the freaking hell!? -_-

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    Wait… How does this work? How do I get this “card”?

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      You go into the store and take the promo card, you don’t even have to buy coffee. I’ve gotten some good songs doing this too.

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    I would still get some coffee just in case. It’d be kind of a jerk move to just walk in, take one of the cards, and walk out.

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    It’s Canada only unfortunately.


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      US and Canada, actually.

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    Idea: Go in and get a coffee, grab a bunch of the cards, sell ’em for a dollar each or something once the promotion is over.

    (disclaimer: i am not responsible for you getting arrested for following my stupid idea)

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