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Another New Character Added To Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed PC

An update for Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed just got released on Steam, and surprisingly it contains another new character. However Hatsune Miku fans will probably be disappointed as this is yet another PC exclusive character, meaning it’s probably from another PC-exclusive franchise. This time it’s…


Some guy from Total War: Rome II, which is coming out next month. Like General Winters this character was likely added in to promote Creative Assembly’s new game. Still, even if you don’t want to play as him you can’t really complain about more free characters. To play as him you just need to let Steam download the new update, after which he is added to the roster. Screenshots can be seen after the jump.


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  • Reply

    Another Total War character and no actual old school SEGA characters like Vectorman and Sakura Shinguji. As much as I like the game, this game has the weirdest marketing. Hope the next game features less guest characters and SEGA characters that people would like to see than some marketing strategy. Come SOE, I know you can do it!

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    …huh. Well that’s… that’s certainly another character.

    I guess I can pretend that he’s Rory Williams and play as him?

    Yeah, I’ve got nothin’

    • Reply

      Nik the Gre–Roman, man.

  • Reply

    That All Star move is awesome.

  • Reply

    Again only PC and again a character nobody cares about, it’s like the guys at SEGA are trolling us.

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    And every day I cry myself to sleep knowing Vectorman has yet to receive his due. Hell what about Kid Chameleon??? Alex Kidd got in for Christ’s sake…

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    Why do they keep adding characters like this? Why not Vectorman, or Toejam and Earl(haven’t even played that) or Joe Musashi? If these guys can fit then a green robot, two aliens, and a ninja should.

  • Reply

    C’mon, Vectorman, at least!

    AND WHERE’S MY MIKU, I’m sick and tired of modding games to make my dream come true! I already modded SRB2 and Brawl.

    • Reply

      Too bad you can’t mod this game :/ There is still one DLC left for the game though, so we just have to wait and see what Sumo delivers. I hope it’s an entirely new character and not Ryo, we had him in SEGA All-Stars.

      • Reply

        These characters aren’t part of the DLC people petitioned for, these are free characters they added to promote new PC games.

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