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Retro Community Day – Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing Stream Today

Watch live video from vidyaretro on

We thank all who are willing to participate in our inaugural Retro Community Day Stream. Couldn’t make this happen without you guys.

We’ll be playing the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 version of Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing. Even if you aren’t participating in the race, we invite everyone to join in our stream along with the Retro crew for live commentary on Twitch TV. To those who are racing, game invites will be sent out to all players. We will do our best to let everyone in at least once. After two races, we will close out a room and start a new one to let others in. We encourage others to try and let others in so that everyone gets a chance. But keep in mind, it’s first come and first serve. Make sure the game is running during the designated times listed below.

Because we can only stream one version of the game at a time, we will start off with the Xbox 360 version then move onto the Playstation 3 version. Check the schedule and keep an eye on the stream to keep up with all the racing action.

All times relate to Central Time.

  • 4PM(?) – Pre Game Stream
  • 5PM – Xbox 360 version
  • 6PM – Playstation 3 version
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  • Reply

    How do I participate? Or is it too late to register or whatever?

    • Reply

      Just send a friend request to VidyaRetro on Xbox Live or PSN.

  • Reply

    I live in the UK and 5pm to you guys is 11pm here. Such a shame, I can’t afford to stay up late and join you guys. =(

  • Reply

    Thanks for everything, it was a lot of fun! See ya next time.

  • Reply

    Sweet! I got in 3rd for one of the races. Granted, it was that Egyptian Monkey Ball stage which was really tricky, so it was kind of anyone’s game.

  • Reply

    Hoho Great races!!! .. HOPE TO SEE A STREAM of Sonic ASR Transformed!!! and hope to play with U guys again! that was a lot of fun!! Add me on PSN: The7ifra 🙂

    • Reply

      Oh yeah, you pwned most of the rest of us BIG TIME. I will definitely add you.

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