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The Many Faces of Sonic Generations Modding

A while back, you’ll remember we made a post showing how a small group of fans on our forums were tearing into the very fabric of the PC version of Sonic Generations to recreate the daytime stages of Sonic Unleashed within the game. On last check, they had managed to get the Hedgehog Engine’s Global Illumination Ambiance working, a rather impressive task of its own right. So how are things coming along now?

Quite fantastically, if these three projects all based off Generations are anything to go by.

Dario FF brings us his latest playable release of getting Sonic Unleashed stages working in Generations’ engine which allows you to tear through a completed version of Dragon Road Day Act 1. Not only does the level look extremely beautiful flowing by at a crisp 60 frames per second, but the GIA is in full effect, making the level pop just as well if not better than the console release. Although not every element of the stage is intact from Unleashed, Dario has provided a few workarounds that help keep the stage feeling fresh.

If porting over Unleashed stages doesn’t quite tickle your fancy, Melpontro and Dude are working on their own modifications that radically alter Generations. Using a level editor created by Dario, the two are bringing two completely different stages to life in Generations. Above, we see Melpontro’s attempts to create a level from the infamous Shadow The Hedgehog, Sky Troops. Though still very early in development, the stage shows much promise and plays off some ideas from the original level and from Generations’ Sky Sanctuary. It’s also worth noting the remix given to the stage’s original song performed by Zach Hinchy and EXshad.

Taking a different approach, Dude is focusing on updating the Dreamcast classic Sonic Adventure to Generations’ engine, including adapting Sonic’s animations to mimic his stances and poses from the very game. Here we see Dude has created his own iteration of Adventure’s opening stage, Emerald Coast. Although the level was featured as one of the seven stages on the 3DS version of Generations, Dude is aiming to capture the open world feel of Adventure’s stages while mixing in the fast-paced style of Generations.

With the variety of modifications happening to Generations, it’s certainly a very bright future for this young area of the modding scene. For those who want to try them out, make sure to follow the directions their creators offer in the video links when installing them.

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  • Reply

    The Melpontro Team logo & the name Sonic Meponterations are both pretty hilarious imho. I’m definitely looking forward to more complete versions of his and Dude’s respective mods.

  • Reply

    The Emerald coast mod retroactively made my childhood better.

  • Reply

    Not bad, Dragon Road isn’t much for me considering it’s my least favorite level in one of my least favorite Sonic games, but Emerald Coast and Shadow’s level both look pretty, great work for everyone who helped make this happen!

    Too bad I can’t test those mods since Sonic Generations no longer work on my laptop and Sonic CD is having the SEGA logo cut along with minor graphical errors, it’s weird cause they used to work perfectly fine until I made an update for my graphical card a few months ago, I was wondering if anyone knows a solution for this!

    • Reply

      Generations seems to have issues with newer drivers. Try downgrading them.

  • Reply

    Thanks Gene, I assumed this too, if I may ask how to downgrade my graphic card? I believe it may fix the problem!

    • Reply

      You’ll need to find the make of your card, visit its manufacturer’s website and obtain an older version. Before installing it, you’ll need to uninstall your graphics drivers. Some generic ones should take over while you install the older drivers.

  • Reply

    @GeneHF Sorry for late reply, and thank you for the help, before trying to downgrade I decided to try and update instead and guess what, Sonic Generations works again, I still have the graphical issue with Sonic CD though which didn’t happen before but it’s better than not working at all!

    • Reply

      Well, good to hear, as long as it works!

  • Reply

    Dang, i’ve liked all of em’.
    But you guys, this Metal Harbor mod needs a spot here too.


  • Reply

    Well, good to hear, Thanks

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