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Sonic 2 HD Team Behind iOS Game Major Magnet


We all remember Sonic 2 HD and how it regrettably met its end not long after releasing a playable demo of Emerald Hill Zone due to internal controversy. Just because the door on that project closed though doesn’t mean that this was the end for them. Some of the team, now working under PagodaWest Games, put their talents toward a brand new IP for iOS systems called Major Magnet.

Retro Engine creator and the man behind the 2011 digital port of Sonic CD Christian “Taxman” Whitehead confirmed as much in a tweet to his followers earlier today congratulating the group on the successes the dev’s title has met, including an Editor’s Choice award from Apple itself.

While Sonic 2 HD may be resting eternally, definitely give these guys some love and pick up the game on your iOS device and hope that they can bring the game over to other platforms. Good job, PagodaWest!

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    Congratulations on rising from the ashes and accomplishing a feat even greater than your original project. No doubt, we can all expect even greater surprises around the corner from you guys at PagodaWest!

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    This is certainly out of left field.

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    I had no idea S2HD was actually cancelled. I know all about the controversy that happened and everything, but I didn’t know it meant the end for the project. I’m freaking the fuck out right now

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    It all makes sense now… so that’s why Tee Lopes was writing music for this game!

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    Nice maybe they can spawn a couple of Indie games too.

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    No gameplay footage or in-game screenshots? :/

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