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Sega Announces Digital Rerelease of the Original NiGHTS Into Dreams

Things haven’t been that great over at Sega headquarters. With the news of Sega of Europe’s restructuring, not to mention that the west is to see less and less boxed titles on store shelves, the company isn’t exactly instilling confidence in the SEGA faithful. It only makes sense that the company, who has announced their focus on digitally distributed titles, is looking into their back catalog to release gems from a long-ago era to try and make a quick dollar to keep the company going. Even with their current strife, it is hard to argue that Sega hasn’t made some fantastic games over the course of their history. With the recent Sega Vintage Collection packs and the forthcoming Jet Set Radio rerelease, Sega has certainly been putting in the extra effort on presenting their classic titles, something which for years always seemed to be lackluster cash grabs instead of products the public would actually want to repurchase.

While SEGA’s more well-known titles on the Mega Drive and Dreamcast have been enjoying the digital spotlight, there has been one game system that has always gotten the shaft, simply because of its unique architecture making it hard to emulate or port code. That representation in the digital market, however, is finally to happen – at least for what many consider to be the Sega Saturn‘s crowning jewel: Sonic Team’s classic NiGHTS Into Dreams.

Now, for those paying attention at home, the original title was given the royal treatment with a rerelease on the Playstation 2, but was only available in Japan. But because it is so much easier to simply upload a file onto a webserver, the dream can finally be relieved by players across the globe. At first glance, it seems to be a repackaged version of the PS2 remake, with upscaled graphics and widescreen support. For those who can’t handle HD, don’t worry, because just like the previous port, you can pretend its 1996 once again and play with the original Saturn graphics. And hey, who wouldn’t? With the usual promise of online leaderboards and achievements, there is no mention of online multiplayer, though to be fair, the multiplayer in the original NiGHTS wasn’t exactly something to get excited about. Either way, hopefully this will be able to wash out the bitter taste that Journey of Dreams left in gamer’s mouths, and those who didn’t own a Saturn can finally understand what the fuss has been about all these years.

Also, no word on the Christmas NiGHTS extras, but since most of them were in the PS2 version, with any luck they will make this release, though I wouldn’t be surprised if they take the Sonic Adventure route with that content. Would be nice to be proven wrong there, SEGA.

NiGHTS Into Dreams is coming to Xbox Live Arcade, the Playstation Network, and PC Digital Download at some point in the future. Stay tuned for a date at some point. And yes, until then you can get very excited.

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  • Reply

    And another SEGA AGES 2500 game brought to international lands.
    Now, how about Phantasy Star generation:1&2?

  • Reply

    Call me when the Panzer Dragoon games get a rerelease…including Saga.

  • Reply

    sweet now I just need find a usb adapter for my Saturn controller and i’ll be set >w<

  • Reply

    Well its sort of funny becuse I just wanted to play this game but never had a sega sadren well good for sega giveing some sega sadren games(only the good ones!!!!) some glory I almost thout the sadren was

    Sega Sadren

  • Reply

    All that’s needed is some Panzer Dragoon and Burning Rangers loving and we’re in business.

    As for this? Just imagine this whole post is a picture of Fry holding Spongebob holding his wallet open.

  • Reply

    I have to assume this is just a super port of the PS2 version and that SEGA still doesn’t know how to port Saturn games. But still…WHY I HAVE NO MONEY!?

  • Reply

    >there has been one game system that has always gotten the shaft, simply because of its unique architecture making it hard to emulate or port code.

    How does the Saturn’s architecture have any bearing on the process of porting code? I doubt they wrote code in C or whatever saying ‘lol, do this on one SH-2, this on the other, and this on whatever other mad chips are in here’.

    >At first glance, it seems to be a repackaged version of the PS2 remake, with upscaled graphics and widescreen support.

    The Saturn version already had widescreen, FWIW.

  • Reply

    Perhaps we could get another game from this…one that was using some of Night’s engine…one that was never finished…maybe?

    Either way I’m getting this.

  • Reply

    While they’re at it, any chance of some Sonic R love sega? Yes it isn’t the best game in the world, what with the balancing issues and everything, but I did still enjoy it. And with some proper analogue controls maybe it could be a little easier to control too.

  • Reply

    A rerelease that makes sense, since only 5 Americans bought the Saturn. So going to pick this up if I can.

  • Reply

    I’m confident that this is the PS2 version translated, and that’s a good thing because I played both and I must say the port is very faithful to the original, plus the graphics are updated and you get Christmas NiGHTS along the way, too bad Sonic Into Dreams is cut off, hopefully they’ll bring it back but I doubt it!

    I actually liked the sequel, maybe cause I played it first, maybe because it had more story and missions, idk but I thought it was even better than the original, anyway this is great news for us NiGHTS fans, next SEGA port Burning Rangers and Fighters Megamix please, and would it kill you to bring back Sonic R and Sonic 3D Blast Saturn on Steam?

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