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July 10, 2012

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Phantasy Star Online 2 Geared for Release in US and UK Territories in 2013

You can stop using your Japanese accounts to play some Phantasy Star Online 2 as Sega’s flagship MMO series will hit US and UK territories by 2013. No further information is given regarding the release date, or platforms outside of PC. However Sega has put up a promotional site to gear up would be players for it’s upcoming release. Fan site PSO World was able to break the news on it’s release, and in addition, the official site shows ties with the PSO World community.

Be sure to check out the website for more information. (Or those who are already playing, keep doing that.)

[Source: Phantasy Star Online 2 English Site, PSO World]


Sonic and Hello Kitty Collab is Adorably Scary

SEGA collaborating with toy figure brands isn’t a totally new thing. Last year they had a collaboration with Good Smile Company, which resulted in a Sonic Nendoroid figure. Now SEGA has teamed up with Sanrio to make a Sonic Hello Kitty plushie. The full name of it being the “Sonic x Hello Kitty Super Jumbo Plushy”. It will be available at SEGA’s various amusement facilities throughout Japan in late July.

Do you want this thing that’s either cute or scary depending on your tastes but don’t live in Japan? Don’t worry, SEGA has said that this plushie will be available worldwide by Summer 2013. Though if you really want it you could also try getting it from eBay. Click on the image on the right for a bigger version.

[Source: Andriasang]


Archie Comics Confirms 12-Part Sonic and Mega Man Crossover, Details

It certainly didn’t take long for all the details to surface after a little teaser image popped up on Twitter from USA Today writer Brian Truitt.

Archie sent out a press release confirming Sonic and Mega Man will team up for 12 issues of robot smashing and evil doctorate base demolition, as penned by fan-favorite writer, Ian Flynn. In a report by USA Today, the book’s editor Paul Kaminski revealed that Sega and Capcom finalized the deal just before the start of last year’s New York ComicCon, and his first call to begin production went straight to Flynn.

Talking of the phone call to Flynn, “His response was, ‘I have been writing that story since we began the Mega Man title,’ ” Kaminski said. “Of course, I thought he was joking, but not an hour later my inbox was flooded with Sonic/Mega Man story synopses.”

“I’m already living the dream by writing the Sonic titles,” Flynn said. “Then I got to live the other dream of writing for Mega Man. With that many dreams being handed to me, I figured it was only a matter of time.”

Although no date has been confirmed for the first issue’s release, the series will be available both in print and digitally. Look below for the full press release.

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UPDATE: Teaser Image Hints at Sonic/Mega Man Comic Book Crossover

Image courtesy of @briantruitt.

UPDATE: Kotaku has posted up details confirming the comic crossover. The series will see Mega Man and Sonic teaming up to take down the nefarious duo of Dr. Wily and Dr. Eggman in their combined bid to take over the world.

Just over a year ago, Archie Comics – the comic book publisher behind the well-known Sonic the Hedgehog comic book series (among others) – released a new series based on Capcom’s Mega Man franchise, penned by head Sonic author Ian Flynn and featuring pencils by other Sonic regulars such as Patrick “Spaz” Spaziante and Ben Bates. Due to the overlap between staff members, today’s otherwise surprising news may have been somewhat foreseeable: USA Today writer and self-described comic geek Brian Truitt has tweeted the above picture with the caption, “Hmmm. Just got this in a super-duper top-secret email from @archiecomics. Wonder what this could be about?”

The image, which depicts trademark items worn by both of our favorite blue video game mascots, makes the clear implication that we’ll be seeing the two characters’ comic book universes cross over sometime in the upcoming calendar year. It should be interesting to see how Flynn combines the two series to create one overarching story, as well as how many ill-conceived jokes people can make regarding the state of both franchises. Archie hasn’t released any further information right now, but given the 2013 date hinted at in the image, expect more details on the crossover in the coming months. In particular, San Diego Comic-Con is this weekend, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for any announcements Archie may make at the event.

[Source: Twitter]