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Sonic Lost World (3DS): The Retro Review

soniclostworld_3dsGod, where do I even begin?

Sonic Lost World for the 3DS is the latest in a recent trend of handheld Sonic games – while there was a long string of completely original Sonic titles, from many of the Game Gear titles all the way to the Advance and Rush series, the last couple have instead been downscaled versions of their console counterparts: Colors, Generations, and now Lost World. Why this is the case, I don’t know, because it will invariably result in comparing these games to their consistently better big brothers, and in every case they fall short, including this one. Which is tremendously worrisome, considering the Wii U version of the game didn’t exactly set a high bar to begin with. Continue Reading


Impress Watch: Sega M2/CS3 interview on porting Sonic to the 3DS

s00It’s pretty rare that we get to see Sega developers geek out and go into wonderful detail about the development process behind their games, so it’s always special when we see something published like Impress Watch‘s interview with M2 president Naoki Horii and Sega CS3 producer Yosuke Okunari about bringing the classic Mega Drive version of Sonic the Hedgehog to the Nintendo 3DS. Translated by Sega and published by Siliconera, the two men describe the technical challenges of emulating the Mega Drive on the 3DS, how they had to rewrite large portions of code in ARM assembly to optimize performance, how they designed a fictional hardware variation of the Mega Drive to support stereoscopic 3D, and even how they dug into the vaults and consulted Sonic Jam source code for assistance porting the Spin Dash to the original game. Be sure to check out the full interview at the source link below; it’s an excellent read if you’re interested in a detailed look at the programming and design work that goes into a project like this.

Source: Siliconera

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Thanksgiving/Hanukkah Giveaway: Sonic Lost World Wii U and 3DS + Mario & Sonic 2014

UPDATE: [2013/12/03 05:13 PM EST] I’ve added a clarification for question #2 in response to some of the emails I have received: If you think you may have submitted an incorrect answer and this clarifies it for you, you may resend your answer for question #2. I’ll combine the emails for the final count.

benstein-gerbilThe following is a guest post by long-time community member GerbilSoft.

Hello, I’m GerbilSoft. And today, I’m going to make history.

I’m putting up TWO Sonic games that says I know more than you.

So if you’re smart enough, fast enough, and if you’ve got the guts, you can Win GerbilSoft’s Sonic Games!

Two winners will get the opportunity to select one of these three games:

Official Rules:

  • Participants will send their answers to the five questions below to [email protected], with subject: “Sonic Retro Thanksgiving Giveaway”. Entries must be sent by 2013/12/08 11:59 PM EST. [DON’T POST YOUR ANSWERS IN THE COMMENTS!]
  • The giveaway is open to all legal residents (13 years of age or older) of the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia (except ACT). Other countries may be eligible; check your local regulations.
  • Only one entry per person; make sure your answers are correct before you send your email!
  • Sonic Retro, Sega Retro, and SEGAbits staff are not eligible to participate.
  • Two winners will be randomly selected from all entries that have the correct answers for all 5 trivia questions. If no one got all five correct, then two will be selected for 4 out of 5, etc. If no one got any answers right, then you all suck and the contest will start over with new questions.
  • Winners will be announced within a week after the contest closes, and they will be contacted with regards to what game they would like to receive.
  • Prizes will be new games delivered to the winners using Amazon.

Win GerbilSoft’s Sonic Games!
If you want to win GerbilSoft’s Sonic Games, you just have to answer these five trivia questions. Send your answers to [email protected], with subject: “Sonic Retro Thanksgiving Giveaway”. Entries must be received by 2013/12/08 11:59 PM EST.

  1. What was the original name of the Sonic Retro Wiki?
  2. What was the first official Sonic game released for a non-Sega platform (excluding PC and single-game handhelds)? [CLARIFICATION: “Single-game handhelds” refers to a handheld device that can only play a single game; that is, it doesn’t have removable cartridges or discs.]
  3. What celebrity got the chance to play a Sonic 2 prototype on the TV game show Nick Arcade?
  4. What Sonic 1 zone was originally going to follow Green Hill Zone, until the developers decided it would be too difficult as the second zone?
  5. Big the Cat is known for his cameo appearances in Sonic Adventure 2. What other Sonic game did Big make cameo appearances in?
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Rest in peace, Polygon Jim.

The following was written by forum member Hinchy, who was a personal friend of Polygon Jim.

Cody “Rick ‘Polygon Jim’ ‘Pegleg Jimmy’ ‘Grand Master Jimmy’ ‘PeglegPolygonGrandmasterJimmyJimJimmy’ Fields” Lawrence
April 10, 1992 – May 18, 2013


This is the picture I took the last time I was ever with him. I’m still amazed that he managed to make that domino tower while drunk.

What can you say about Jimmy? He had a goofy sense of humor, hilarious to some, aggravating to others, but I don’t think anyone would deny that he was a man of charisma and fun. He was the most reckless guy I’ve ever met in my life, that’s for sure. He lived and died with the spirit of fucking around.

I’d known Jimmy for a good 5 years. During the lead-up to Sonic Unleashed, he was 50% of the reason I decided to check out Sonic Retro in the first place. Last fall, in the span of about 24 hours, he drove to Louisiana and became my roommate and hang-out buddy. There were ups and downs, but we had the time of our lives. Unfortunately, he couldn’t maintain the rent and moved back to his home in Pennsylvania. My chief concern about it a couple weeks ago was that he and I didn’t get to go see Iron Man 3 in theaters like we had planned… now that he’s dead, I have to get it through my head that I’ll never see him ever again.

Though he leaves this world today, he will live on in the Sonic community through the best hack ever and the phrase “assface Sonic”, which he coined.

Rest in peace, you magnificent bastard.

Read the local news report on the incident here.