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Sonic the Hedgehog Released for Android in Japan

Coming on the heels of 2009’s Sonic the Hedgehog release for the iPhone, Sega has released a version of the same game for Android phones in Japan. This version features an emulator and ROM combination, as opposed to a port, and somewhat accurately emulates the original Sonic the Hedgehog for the Mega Drive. The game retails for ¥700 and can be purchased from Android Market, au one market or Gゲ.

No announcement has been made as to whether the game will be released on the Android platform in other regions yet.

For more information, see the official site for the Android release.

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    Isn’t Sonic 2 Bluetooth mode for the IPhone? Anyway, in case anyone hasn’t noticed yet, Sonic Spinball was released too, and, I think it’s the best out of the three.

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    About time the bros on Android get some loving, Sega.

    Question is, will they get a port of the iPhone version of Sonic 4 or are they too lazy to do that? Furthermore, how many Android users would actually buy it?

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    Considering that I already have a Genesis emulator on my Android phone that I easily got just from searching on the market… I don’t really see much of a market for this other than the ignorant.

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    Seems better than Sonic Classic Collection.

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    But there is already a shitload of Genesis emulators on the Market. Some of them are even free!

    I’m already having fun competing with my friends on Sonic2 2-players mode via Bluetooth so no thank you.

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    Isn’t there already a Genesis emulator for Android… I’m sure people have been playing Sonic on their Droids for a long time already.

    Though this does make sense because this way Sega can profit from it now.  😛

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    Yes, there is already a genesis emulator for android – Gensoid. It runs fullspeed on my epic 4g, and unlike this game, it lets me map the controls to the keyboard and use my gamegripper.

    no was in hell would I spend money to buy this when I could spend that same money to buy the full version of gensoid. and save like $3 in fact.

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    I'm now having fun with the 2013 port.

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