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Nintendo Power Confirms Sonic Generations, Shinobi for 3DS

Finally, we can put this rumor to rest.

After much teasing from Nintendo Power of an announcement in their July issue and the usual slip of the hand by Sega through a financial report, the tale of two Sonics is headed toward Nintendo’s depth-delivering handheld.

No screens have been shown on the game, so it’s unknown if this will mirror its console counterpart or follow its own beat akin to Sonic Colors on the DS.

While this confirms a 3DS release for the game, there’s no mention of the PC version also listed on that financial report, but at the moment, it’s safe to say that it’s looking good.

The issue also confirms that another classic Sega franchise is getting a new lease on life in the form of Shinobi. The franchise had a revival attempt back in 2002 on the Xbox and PlayStation 2 and was met with fair reception.

Check out an intenral production trailer for Shinobi with no audio after the jump.

[Via CVG]

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  • Reply

    Also holy shit, shinobi? Those are some good games.

  • Reply

    If its any good, this will probably be the version I get.

    …UNLESS PC!! 

  • Reply

    I dont know weather to hope for a port of the console versions or one with levels based on rush and other handheld games… Buying no matter what.

  • Reply

    I am getting  Sonic Generations for 3DS, but i am also getting a PS3 just incase the 3DS version happens to be diffrent, although i am not doubting the power of the 3DS, i havent played any 3DS games on it yet so i cannot say if it could handle it or not

  • Reply

    Shinobi too? feels like the 90s, if this is Sonic Rush 4 i’m still excited, i just hope for the PC port to be true!

  • Reply

    I never thought I would see Classic Sonic on a gaming magazine ever again.

  • Reply

    Classic Sonic on the cover of Nintendo Power?! Mario, go ride a horse–Oh wait a minute.

  • Reply

    You guys who wants a PC version we know why you want a PC version you little fucks you just want to download it from that pirate pay and download it easliy then cost damages to sega on thier hard worked project. fuck you guys.

    • Reply

      …Or, some people might just want it so they can easily hack in new levels and such.

  • Reply

    i was really excited for that shinobi trailer…..watching watching….waiting for gameplay…..end. O_______________O.

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