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Make a portable N64 with a Game Gear

Game Gear was one of the largest portable systems ever released in the market, causing many people in the early ’90s to look like they grew a massive tumor in their leg.

All that size helped in enabling the system to run Nintendo 64 games (and also making it even more unwieldy!)

The above video showcases Evil Nod’s mod job on the console, lovingly called the N Gear 64, running a few N64 titles like Goldeneye, Resident Evil 2 and Mario Kart 64, as well as a few additional features, such as link cable support and TV Out support, which turns off the screen and speaker for TV play.

I know what you’re thinking; “The Game Gear’s six AA battery life was abysmal at best. What the hell is it with this now?”

Because of all the hardware packed into the console, there are no battery slots. However, the mod creator demonstrates using a Power Grip rechargeable battery pack for the console that doubles as a grip for the system… and adds even more girth to the already monstrous device.

While no step-by-step instruction is given on how to create your own, you can check out photos of the system’s construction here.

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    HE DID IT WITH MIRRORS! JKJKJK. That’s really sweet! Now he just has to make one that also plays Master System, Game Gear, NES, SNES, Genesis, and GameBoy, GameBoy Color, GameBoy Advanced, and Nintendo DS and DSI, and 3DS games! I know that’s impossible, but it would seriously rock.

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    I made my Sega Game Gear play Nintendo 64 game too! =/ All I did was get the tv tuner and i hooked up the n64 to it XD Hell, I can play my Xbox 360 on it XD

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    No thank you.

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    Plus, technically, because this mod uses the actual N64 cartridges instead of ROMS, this isn’t completely illegal either as Nintendo still gets money from cartridge sales 🙂

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    Holy heck, he makes that chunk of plastic useful! o_o

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    and you know, I still have that plastic tumor in my leg XD One time i was walking around with it and another 90’s gaming junkie recognized it in an instant.

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    where are the L and R buttons as well as the Z button? and where is the d-pad?
    on n64 controller there is d-pad and analog stick and they can have different functions while playing a game.

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    great put up jigga

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