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July 13, 2010

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PlanetDreamcast Site Archive Now Available

If you were a fan of Sega in the late 90s to early 2000s, odds are you at least spent some time visiting PlanetDreamcast, a GameSpy site dedicated to the Sega console which had news, reviews and features for reading. PlanetDreamcast is also known as the starting grounds of community websites such as Shadow of a Hedgehog and PSO World. In 2009, IGN began redirecting planetdreamcast.com to RPGPlanet, and now is currently pointing to ClassicGaming with nary a Dreamcast mention in sight. Therefore, we are now hosting a mostly complete backup of PlanetDreamcast for archival purposes at http://planetdc.segaretro.org

One image is missing, the quizzes don’t work, the news search doesn’t work, and there is no forum backup. The articles, features, reviews and such all appear to be there, though. Many of the videos linked in the reviews are still available at FilePlanet. We hope you enjoy this little piece of history and special thanks to profshiny for his work.


Sonic 2 XL? More like Sonic 2 ~Extra Awesome~

Every so often a hack of a Sonic game will come along where there’s just a minor change to gameplay mechanics, but a whole new, enjoyable game is made from the result: Sonic 1 Return to the Origin, Sonic 3D: No Flickies, Sonic 1: Bouncy Edition, etc. Then, friends, there are times when a minor change will make a game more awesome.

Captain Bozo and Ranger on the forums have done just that with Sonic 2 XL, a simple hack of Sonic 2 where the game’s standard rings are replaced with…onion rings. Hilarity ensues.

You can download Sonic 2 XL at its Sonic Retro wiki page or visit the hack’s thread on the forums for more information.