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July 5, 2010

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First4Figures Super Sonic Statue

Here in the Sonic Retro community, apart from our constant discovery and hacking, we don’t get to see much of the old look of Sonic advertised in official products that aren’t just recycled art. On these special occasions, the usual reaction is an overwhelming nostalgia rush.

First4Figures have brought us some nice retro statues over the past few years and they never fail to please. Maybe the price is a little high, but I’d say their latest endevour is worth a lot of childhood memories for most of us.

I mean, wow, look at this. Now that your fangasming is out of the way, let me enlighten you on a few details of this beauty if you haven’t already checked the site out yourself, which I will link at the end of this article. From the looks of it, this statue looks to be made from a high-quality plastic which suits the cartoony look they were going for (heck, it better be top quality for the $139.99 price tag.) The model itself is 15 inches to the top of the quills to the base. Pre-orders are being taken now, but the official date listed for the figurine’s sale is “Q1 2011”.

Now, take a look at the exclusive $159.99 edition.

So why pay an extra ten dollars to get the $159.99 edition? Well, not only is it the same amazing Super Sonic standing on one of the most memorable stages from Sonic 2, but it also lights up! Though either way both figures still look quite epic. So it’s up to you guys whether you want to pay and extra $20 to light this baby up.

Fan Works, Music

Ice Cap remix is awesome and you should download it now.

Admittedly, Ice Cap Zone is one of video game music’s most re-arranged and remixed tracks out there—OCRemix released an entire album’s worth of Ice Cap remixes, for goodness’ sake. However, the saturation of fans’ takes on the song does not in any way dilute how amazingly awesome Ice Cold Retro is. Written by Joshua Morse, the remix was composed for Obligatory Ice Level Day at TheSpeedGamers and has a wonderful electro-funk flavor to it that feels both fresh and right at home in the Sonic canon of music.

Download it now at OCRemix. You won’t be disappointed.


Japan Gets Doodle-Style Sonic Platform Game

So I was checking out the Sonic Channel RSS feed this morning and up pops this little game which appears to be a belated birthday present for Sonic, for the month of July 2010 only:

It’s called Sonic Freehand according to the actual blog post (though it just says Sonic the Hedgehog on the title screen) – it’s a 2D platform game entirely in doodle graphics, check out this little animation:

Japan really does get all the cool stuff. I want this 🙁