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Get Acquainted with 2016’s Sonic Hacking Contest Entries

The deadline has passed and the results are in. Spanner on the Retro forums has revealed the 54 entries lined up for the Sonic Hacking Contest of 2016! Starting Monday, November 7th up to the Sunday the 13th, all finalized entries will be made downloadable and playable during that time! Expect more features including livestreams and more when the contest becomes open to the public. Hit the jump to check out the entry list for this year’s contest.
[Source: Sonic Retro Forums]

  1. 137E0 Action 1 Steak by LuigiXHero
  2. Apotos Unleashed Pack by tuanpingas
  3. Beta Windy Valley (Sonic Lost World) by SonicOtakuSNG
  4. Blue Potato the Mcdonalds by Blue Potato
  5. Doctor Robotnik’s Plan B (REV01) by Painto
  6. Donnie The Chao Special Edition by Team Overload
  7. Eggmanland for Sonic Generations by NeKit
  8. Ivysaur in Sonic 2 by Pacguy
  9. Knuckles’ Emerald Hunt by MainMemory
  10. Lose Tails Or Else by GT Koopa
  11. Metal Sonic Lost World by Joe T.E.
  12. Pantufa the Cat – Extended Edition by VAdaPEGA
  13. Pepsi in Sonic 1 by Unlimited Trees
  14. Pikachu the Mouse by Team Overload
  15. Robotnik Returns 2 by Pacguy
  16. Roya Rockwood’s Sonic Mega Collection by Royameadow
  17. SADX Character Select Mod by MainMemory and SonicFreak94
  18. SADX Mirror Mode by Morph
  19. Socket the Hedgeduck by GenesisDoes
  20. Sonic 1 – Warped World by Team Overload
  21. Sonic 1: Mania Edition by Baraksha
  22. Sonic 1: Sonic CD Edition by Animemaster
  23. Sonic 1 Back to South Island by HyperSonic16
  24. Sonic 1 Dream Eater by Team Overload
  25. Sonic 1 NAC Tiny Verison by Joshwoakes
  26. Sonic 1: Reverse Curse by Campbellsonic
  27. Sonic 2 – 2 Player Madness by Joshwoakes
  28. Sonic 2 ReMastered by MrCat
  29. Sonic 2 UMZ by Trinitronity
  30. Sonic 3 and Blue Knuckles by Blind\\_Jack
  31. Sonic 3 and Knuckles: Chaotix Edition by Jdpense
  32. Sonic 4 in 1 by Natsumi
  33. Sonic Back 2 The Future by Animemaster
  34. Sonic Bash! v2 by redhotsonic
  35. Sonic Chaos Quest v2.0 by Narcologer
  36. Sonic Frenzy by SteamPoweredPixel
  37. Sonic Generations – Sonic Colors – Game Land Act 1 Demo by JoeyLaw
  38. Sonic Halloween by CamManS5
  39. Sonic Labyrinth 2 by Team Overload
  40. Sonic Lost World – Green Grove Zone by Knuxfan24
  41. Sonic Next Genesis by ProjectFm
  42. Sonic Pocket Winter by ValleyBell and VAdaPEGA
  43. Sonic the Hedgehog & Ashuro by Ashuro
  44. Sonic XE by Team XE
  45. Sonic: Scorched Quest by Team Painto
  46. Sonic: Time Twister by Team Overload
  47. Sonic: Virtual Adventure by Ladego Team
  48. Tails Adventure LX by lordxernom
  49. Tails Adventures for Über Players by Bakayote
  50. The Radikal Ralakimus Hack Pack (WOW!) – Volume 1 by Ralakimus & Bakayote
  51. Unlimited Trees by Unlimited Trees
  52. Untitled Sonic 1 Hack by jubbalub
  53. Urban Action: Royan Vacation ’16 by Royameadow
  54. White Sonic in SK (Sonic 3 Part 2) by Joshwoakes


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