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See What’s in Store for Sonic Hacking Contest 2019 with the Official Trailer

Sonic in Freedom Planet, E-102 Gamma in Sonic Adventure 2, two Shadows working together and new zones to explore. You bet that this year’s Sonic Hacking Contest is right around the corner! redhotsonic has compiled together footage from this year’s entries detailing whats all in store.

Below are more details about the event that will take place starting on Monday 2nd of December to Sunday the 8th. Over the week several livestreamers will be playing this year’s entries featuring redhotsonic, MegaGWolf, SomecallmeJohnny, AntDude, Garrulous64, DaveAce and more, including our own NeoHazard. For more information visit

Hit the jump below to see this week’s entries.

Contest Entries

Retro Category

  • (Another) Shadow the Hedgehog in Sonic 1 by AsuharaMoon
  • Hellfire Saga by Hardline Team
  • I Made You A Salad by VAdaPEGA
  • Kaizo Sonic 2 Demo by KaikeKTH
  • Sonic 2 Advanced Edit by Team AE (Surprise!!)
  • Sonic 2 Chaos Adventure by Jdpense
  • Sonic And The Mystic Gems by Harder Project
  • Sonic Cronos by Timaeus
  • Sonic Sad Hill by borus
  • Sonic The Hackable by CHRdutch
  • Sonic The Hedgehog – A New Adventure by D.A. Garden
  • TishaProject by TishaKot

2D PC Category

  • Amy Mania by troopsushi
  • Dragon Valley by Cyber1204
  • Return of Metal by Metal Shadow Productions
  • Sonic CD Plus SHC Edition by Hyper_Doggo
  • Sonic Gaiden by AeroArtwork (& Gaiden Team)
  • Sonic Mania: Advanced Quest Pack by Balibali_418
  • Sonic Mania Warped by Ggyas2202

3D Category

  • 2P Shadow The Hedgehog by DreamSyntax
  • Character Select Plus by Justin113D, MainMemory
  • Generations Crisis City in Sonic Forces by RobowilOFFICIAL
  • Legacy of Solaris by JotaroPowered
  • Sonic Adventure 2: Randomizer by Prahaha
  • SA2 Sonic for SADX by MainMemory, End User
  • Shade the Echidna by Justin113D
  • Sonic HD Model by Justin113D
  • Sonic Heroes EX by SuperrSonic
  • Terios Conversion Mod by DeeforTL

Expo Entries

Retro Category

  • AMPS in Sonic 2 by Natsumi
  • Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine – DX Edition by RadioTails
  • Hardline Team Storybook by Hardline Team
  • I Made You a Salad with Extra Tomatoes by VAdaPEGA
  • Ray in Sonic 1 by Iso Kilo
  • Rouge the Bat in Sonic 1 by AsuharaMoon
  • Sonic 2 Extreme by JoenickROS
  • Sonic 3 Metal Edition by qgray14
  • Sonic in Troll Island by matheusbrancobs
  • Sonic Powered by SMS-Alfredo

2D PC Category

  • Chat VS Sonic Mania by CodenameGamma
  • Motobug in Sonic Mania by JamBurger
  • Sonic Mania & Hatsune Miku Extend FINAL39’s by The Special Stage

3D Category

  • Amy Adventure 2 by Team Amy
  • Chao Data Menu Mod by Justin113D
  • E-102 Gamma over Mech Eggman by Shadowth117
  • HD GUI SA2 Edition by Speeps
  • Mario 64 Mario in SA2 by Shadowth117
  • Menu Overhaul by Speeps
  • Modern SA2 Complete Edition by _DEXTERITY_
  • No Model Tinting by Speeps
  • Radical Highway in Sonic 06 by HyperPolygon64
  • Reject Amy by Shadowth117
  • SA2 Bad Time Edition by Lady_Jojo
  • Sans Sonic by HyperPolygon64
  • Sonic 06 – Lost in Translation by Knuxfan24
  • Sonic 06 – Westopolis by Knuxfan24
  • Speed Up in Single Player for SA2 by KrustyKong
  • Speedy Eggman by End User
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