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SAGE 2010 Announced: Dates and Info!

It’s that time of the year again, folks. The weather is getting warmer, people are barbecuing… and SAGE is on the menu, right next to the potato salad. Delicious! Well, get ready for another grand year of fan games, events and mingling because it’s right around the corner!

So make those finishing touches on your labors of love, and get ready to show them off! To submit your demos or to schedule an event, send the following respective application to: [email protected]

SAGE 2010 is coming to a computer near you August 8th – August 14th at!


The subject of your e-mail should be “Booth.” Your e-mail should contain a link to your booth where we may download a working demo of your game. This should be the final booth location of where you would like your demo to be linked to on the SAGE website. If this booth location changes, please notify us no later than 48 hours before the beginning of SAGE.


The subject of your e-mail should be “Event” or “SAGEcast” respectively. Your e-mail should contain a description of the event/SAGEcast you would like to host and what day(s) you would like the event/SAGEcast to occur on. If you require specific time(s) to host your event, please provide it to us in your application. If no specific time is provided, we will schedule you at the most appropriate time(s) alongside other events. You will be notified of the time(s) we schedule for you within 24 hours after your intial application e-mail.

The deadline for booth, event and SAGEcast submissions is August 1st.

More information, like guests, events and confirmed fan projects, to come in the near future.  Get excited!

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  • Reply

    Wonder if this year is going to be interesting like last year….

  • Reply

    If nothing else, SAGE is a great way to persuade developers to continue working on their fan games. And it means more playable demos for me =]

  • Reply

    im making a game called sonic run 3 and i created a booth(maybe not a booth but a page with information about the game and a 1 zone demo

  • Reply

    We need another JOURNALISM show.

  • Reply

    @GeneHF: Oh, I’m making it happen. Don’t worry.

  • Reply

    Yes Brad JOURNALISM this is going to be a great SAGE. ^_-

  • Reply

    did anyone who registered for a booth get a response yet?

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