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SEGA Still in the Console Wars but NOT REALLY!

Image of the Zone 40, a console with officially licensed SEGA games!No no, calm down fanboys. I wish it were a real leap from SEGA back into the hardware sector, but this unfortunately isn’t the case. What we have here is a game console featuring officially licensed SEGA games as well as 16 other titles which feature “innovative motion controls”. The original posting by features a few interesting images of the console, including the one shown here. But what’s most interesting is the main image in the article, showing off a version of what’s seen here but with heavier SEGA branding. Although this console may be a simple ripoff of the Wii trying to make a quick buck, one can’t help but get lost in the idea of what it would be like if it was still SEGA and Nintendo duking it out and if SEGA’s result might be something similar to this.

For those of you who are interesting in the product for reasons outside of that strange nostalgia factor, the console will be available in the UK starting in April of 2009. You can pick it up for about £39.95 and it will feature a total of 50 titles. 20 of them being official licensed SEGA titles such as Sonic & Knuckles, Sonic Spinball, and Alex Kidd with 16 others being special motion controlled sports games. The other 11 will be a variety of arcade titles. I know what you’re thinking though. “As great as those games sound, what if I get bored of playing waggle-tennis 2D?” There’s good news! Turns out the Zone40/SEGA Zone (as the console is named) will be able to take Genesis (or in this case, Mega Drive) cartridges, leaving you free to play whichever classic titles you want while pretending it’s still 1992 with a twist from the future.

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    Why am I suddenly reminded of the controller Sega patented some time ago? Maybe that has something to do with this?

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    Nevermind, went to link and saw the controller.

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    Seems to be the shitty AGames Hardware all over again! -.- I CANNOT WAIT TO HEAR THE SOUND!!!! Actually I can! Not wasting my money on this unless it connects to the internet and there is some kind of store or so! :/

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    -_- i saw game play of all the games…and sadly, it’s a Japanese company that just took a few games and change a few images on them. two of the worst are galaga, with a new background and a new title: Bee Hunt. The worst of them all is that snake game, but the title is basically some snake in a sonic the hedgehog menu with the snake shaking it’s “hand” back and forth like sonic! 0_o

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    Sega could make new titles for the system by putting them in cartridges similar to those of the sega genesis. But, unless there is a download feature, sonic 4 will not be on this system. But it should be because their making a system that plays classic genesis games, so the sequel to the original sonic genesis games should be on it.

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    A Wii clone with xbox-like design?!?

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