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Monday Links: Fire Alarm Edition


Whenever the fire alarm goes off, don’t forget to take the plushies with you.

Retro/Bits News

  • In memory of Greg Martin’s passing, forum member Buyatari has scanned in line art he bought from the man himself [Get nostalgic]
  • Barry unboxes the Not Enough Rings comic book [It’s ok, it’s a parody]

Sonic/SEGA News

  • Greg Martin, illustrator of Sonic box-arts, has passed away [Rest in peace]
  • Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed is now out on iOS and Android [With Ryo Hazuki]
  • Here are a bunch of SEGA consoles turned into moe anime girls [JAPAN IS SO WEIRD LOL]

Other Stuff

  • Awesome Games Done Quick is happening right now until January 11th, go watch it if you like watching live speedruns and maybe donate some money to fight cancer [Good causes are good]
  • Space Dandy premiered a couple of days ago, go watch it if you’d like an anime about a dandy guy in space [The dub’s pretty good too]

Video of the Week

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    the moe anime girls are so freakin’ awesome.

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    Always good to have another Monday Links.

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