Job Listing Implies That More Sonic Boom Episodes Are In Production

Sonic Boom job listing

It looks like we’ll be getting more of Sonic Boom, as a job ad that SEGA put up a couple of days ago confirms that the TV show continues production. The job listing is for a “Director of TV Series Production and Distribution” who’ll oversee the production and distribution of the show. This also involves helping the CCO “evaluate business models for new opportunities/subsequent seasons of Sonic Boom“.
When the show was first revealed, SEGA mentioned in their press release that the show had an initial order of 52 eleven-minute episodes. It could be that the new episodes that are being produced are still part of this initial order, though of course it’s also possible that they’ve started production on a new season. You can read the full job listing after the jump.
[Via: The Sonic Stadium]

Primary Function
The primary function of the Director of TV Series Production and Distribution is to oversee the production and distribution of Sega’s new Sonic Boom animation series.  This person will manage the animation production and distribution by working with the TV production partner and executive producers keeping track of key milestones/delivery dates as well as communicating across various departments of Sega group and distribution partners.  This person will act as project manager and coordinate/communicate with all parties ensuring the animation production and distribution is kept on track and the various parties are kept up to date with new developments as the TV series is in production.
Specific Job Duties

  • Manage multiple teams to work collaboratively within Sega Group as well as outside third parties.
  • Support animation series distribution and licensing in cooperation with Sega internal departments and outside partners.
  • Help CCO of Sonic to evaluate business models for new opportunities/subsequent seasons of Sonic Boom with recommending continuity plan of Sonic Boom.
  • Manage all contract/agreements/financing working with internal department or outside resource such that all contracts and financial procedures are properly in place and executed in a timely manner.

Qualifications & Requirements

  • Over five years’ relevant experience in TV production/broadcasting/licensing industry preferred.
  • Knowledge of TV production processes, industry customs and financing arrangements.
  • Strong interpersonal skills, including experience managing key relationships and working with major partners at the executive level.
  • Strong time management skills with a proven ability to focus on the project’s key priorities, juggle multiple tasks and meet deadlines.
  • Strong management, leadership and communication skills.
  • Bachelor’s degree in business administration, finance, marketing or related field.

Travel Requirements

  • Europe 2-3 times a year
  • Japan 3-4 times a year
  • Domestic – as needed
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  • Reply

    Not really interested in Sonic Boom, the show wasn’t good to begin with but now it’s getting lazier by the episode, the writing is almost as bad as Teen Titans Go, the animation is getting worse episode after episode, lack of background music, I just don’t see the appeal to it, I’d take Sonic X over this any day!

    • Reply

      Ha, not me. At the end of the day I’d still take Sonic Boom over Sonic X. That said, I do have to agree that Sonic Boom hasn’t had as lasting an impact as I would’ve hoped.
      And what I’d really like to see is stories more like the one told in Sonic Boom Wii U…well…with obvious tweaks and improvements of course, but basically a more serious and actual, universe-building, story like what the Wii U game…ATTEMPTED…to do.
      Otherwise, the show’s episodes are amusing, but it’s ultimately fleeting. You watch it once, and, with rare exceptions (“Cow Bot” or the recent time loop one are some for me), you aren’t especially inclined to watch it again.
      I’m not against another season of it, though, especially in hopes that they might broaden the show’s horizons in later seasons as most shows seem to inevitably do. Otherwise, I am forced to admit that Sonic Boom probably doesn’t have long in this world.
      Pity. It was an experiment that had great potential, but one that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere in the end.

    • Reply

      I laugh every episode. Really, no one seems to enjoy Sonic Boom TV series, just me!

  • Reply

    Good! They didn’t learn anything. Now they need to fuck it up to the end, so one day it will rise again from the ashes, but it will be better than ever.

  • Reply

    let me know when they start hiring writers I’ll be there…

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