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Sonic the Hedgehog Movie Trailer Revealed… Again

At the tail end of April, the Sonic the Hedgehog movie had it’s first trailer drop and was met with a… less than positive reception. Going back to the drawing board, Paramont, along with a few key artists, decided a delay was in order and postponed the film until February 14th, 2020. There’s been plenty of speculation as to what this meant for the film and just how much feedback truly was taken into consideration. Well pals, speculate no more, the trailer is here and you can see it above. Heck, you probably already have.

What’s interesting is not only does Sonic look different, but the tone of the trailer seems decidedly different as well. There’s a major focus on Sonic, rather than Robotnik or the human characters, Sonic himself is way quippier and arrogant, and overall, the film just seems… better. Time will tell if it succeeds in bucking the poor movie adaption trend or if it winds up another title on the list. One thing is for sure, things are looking more promising than they were just six months ago.

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    It’s definitely an improvement, almost as if they did a re-shoot of the entire movie. I wouldn’t say it’s gonna knock our socks off or anything like that, but at least it looks like it won’t suck, either.

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    It is definitely an improvement, if they were to get rid of the dumbed Sonic, mixed with stereotypes and country bumpkin attitude, who they have added this time.

    Unfortunately adaptations who are more loose tend to be more successful, so who know what will happen.

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