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Sonic Runners Gameplay Trailer Rushes By

SEGA gives us our first glimpse at what Sonic Runners actually looks like with this new gameplay trailer showcasing Sonic, Knuckles and Tails running through worlds from Sonic Lost World.
It also teases that a bunch of other characters will be in the game, including Shadow, Amy and Vector. Aside from that, there appears to be some sort of story mode that includes boss battles with Eggman, and Chao return as support characters that seemingly affect the way you’ll play the game.
Finally, it looks like Sonic’s been made slightly shorter in this game and his quills aren’t quite as long as they used to, making him resemble his classic design a bit more while still looking modern. Sonic Runners is coming to iOS and Android in Japan this Spring. SEGA also updated the game’s official website to include more new info and screenshots.

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    Looks promising, hopefully it’ll play more like Sonic Jump and less like Sonic Jump Fever!

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    This looks pretty fun. Wouldn’t mind if it’s a bit like Robot Unicorn Attack but with levels. I found Rayman’s phone game too “play each level to perfection” which took away most of the fun to replace with frustration.

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    I’m already suprised that if you let go of the jump button, Sonic won’t come to an instant halt anymore.
    Way to go, SEGA!

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