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February 17, 2014

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Monday Links: Sonic Gets Punched in the Face Edition

Truly one of the best moments ever captured in a screenshot for a video game.
Anyway, this week includes: an announcement on something coming soon from Sonic Retro/SEGAbits, lots of Sakura Taisen stuff, Bayonetta 2 and even more Sonic Boom details.
Retro/Bits News

  • Sonic Boom producer Stephen Frost will be on SEGAbits’ Swingin’ Report Show later this month! [No link for this one, I just know]
  • Remember that time SEGAbits did a Sakura Taisen themed week? Well, that was last week, so here’s all the stuff that they did:
    – Tuesday Tunes features a live performance of Kimi Yo Hana Yo [With subtitles]
    – SEGA Channel Retro did a streaming marathon of the first four Sakura Taisen games [Wait I thought streaming was our thing]
    – A list of five ways to experience Sakura Taisen [The Not-Really-Weekly Five]
    – Kori-Maru goes back in time to review Sakura Taisen 2 [For the Saturn]
    – Segata Sanshiro shows how manly love can be in this Sakura Taisen 2 commercial [So manly]
    – Segalization decides to join in on the Sakura Taisen fun [Segalization]
    – And finally, the SEGAbits staff members share their thoughts on how they’d like to see the franchise localized [Featuring our very own Bartman]

Sonic/SEGA News