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Sonic Lost World Zelda DLC Storming Wii U Tomorrow

It’s been a while since SEGA unleashed Sonic into the world of Yoshi’s Island to save the rainbow-hued miniature dinosaurs. For those of you who haven’t given in and traded your Wii U copies of Sonic Lost World, SEGA’s Aaron “Ruby Eclipse” Webber, aficionado of all things Sonic and Hatsune Miku, revealed ever so suddenly that their second Nintendo-themed DLC for the game is going live tomorrow for the ridiculously expensive price of free.
As hinted back in a Nintendo Direct, the second DLC is centered around the world of The Legend of Zelda, and Sonic takes the theme to heart by sporting the legendary iconic green tunic of Link. In stark contrast to most of Sonic Lost World‘s offerings, the level is quite vast and focuses much more on exploration than just running through the level like you’re trying to beat that blasted mailman to the Kokiri Forest.
Webber mentions that this level complements the Yoshi DLC’s ability to score lives rapidly by focusing more on amassing Flickies rapidly, the little birds required to get past certain roadblocks between levels, and that many little secrets are hidden throughout the stage.
It may be a bit too late for a chunk of Lost World’s Wii U‘s players to get much out of the DLC’s intended purpose, but the level of work that went into the level is certainly impressive. Perhaps a sign of things that can be done with the engine given proper motivation? Let’s hope so.

Game News

Sonic Boom Concept Art Shows New Character Designs

Bob Rafei
We’re not quite sure where it came from, but a new photo of the Big Red Button office has surfaced. This photo shows Bob Rafei sitting next to a board with concept art for new characters and enemies that will appear in the Sonic Boom game for Wii U. The image was found by Sonic Stadium forum members Eitarou and A Real Human Bean, though where they actually found the photo isn’t clear. Be sure to click it to see it in the full resolution. Another SSMB member, Storme Prince, distorted the picture to give a clearer view of the new characters.
[Source: The Sonic Stadium]


How Archie Played The Games, Part 7: Of FLiCKIES and Remote Atolls

SonicBlastCoverBlue is Back!
Or at least, that’s how Sega of America wanted you to think back in 1996. Five years after the release of the original Sonic the Hedgehog, the western branches of the company were scrambling to celebrate Sonic’s first semi-prominent anniversary. The original plan was to release Sonic X-treme, the first true 3D game featuring everyone’s favorite hedgehog. The story behind that title’s cancellation has become the stuff of legend, not just infamous in this here part of the world but in the general gaming community. Without that title, Sega decided to heavily promote Sonic’s swan song on the Mega DriveSonic 3D: Flickies’ Island, also known as Sonic 3D Blast in the United States. With a port of the game hastily developed for the Sega Saturn, along with a similarly titled Game Gear game that was otherwise unrelated, the marketing blitz began.
It was only natural for Archie Comics to craft a comic adaptation of the newest game in the franchise. Not since issue thirteen’s “This Island Hedgehog” had Archie released a comic at around the same time as the source material it was promoting, SEGA’s huge push filtering into the otherwise left alone plotlines of Archie. Did this unique timing help the 48-page special become a masterpiece? Well, that would be giving it away, wouldn’t it? Either way, let’s strap ourselves in and experience the very last of Archie’s stand-alone specials. Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury, I present to you our seventh piece of evidence…Sonic Blast.
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Monday Links: Everything is on Fire Edition

So due to me completely screwing up my sleep schedule while having a week long vacation last week (gotta stay up til 3 AM man), I only had a couple of hours of sleep today because I couldn’t just wake up at 1PM like I usually do when I don’t have any obligations. So apologies if this week’s Monday Links has terrible writing and/or spelling mistakes. Maybe I’ll mix up the words “then” and “than” again, maybe I’ll accidentally put a Tegra link in the Sega links, maybe I’ll fall asleep on the keyboard anfdsniodfsoNOFDSNOINDVGOIVBDSNJaacnbsadvbiouAUIOFDFNVXZSNFOINIXODNoinboixFDIO NSMDVCPC 
Retro/Bits News

  • SEGAbits had a podcast with an interview with Sonic Boom producer Stephen Frost. Of course everyone else and their mom had interviews with Stephen Frost as well but we were first so pfft [Swingin’ Report Show]
  • Barry the Nomad looks at the past redesigns of Sonic the Hedgehog in this installment of the Weekly Five [Because Sonic redesigns are cool again]
  • Here’s a new show: This is Saturn by TrackerTD. This first episode looks at Fighters Megamix [Because SEGA Saturn will always be cool]

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