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March 3, 2014

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Monday Links: Everything is on Fire Edition

So due to me completely screwing up my sleep schedule while having a week long vacation last week (gotta stay up til 3 AM man), I only had a couple of hours of sleep today because I couldn’t just wake up at 1PM like I usually do when I don’t have any obligations. So apologies if this week’s Monday Links has terrible writing and/or spelling mistakes. Maybe I’ll mix up the words “then” and “than” again, maybe I’ll accidentally put a Tegra link in the Sega links, maybe I’ll fall asleep on the keyboard anfdsniodfsoNOFDSNOINDVGOIVBDSNJaacnbsadvbiouAUIOFDFNVXZSNFOINIXODNoinboixFDIO NSMDVCPC 
Retro/Bits News

  • SEGAbits had a podcast with an interview with Sonic Boom producer Stephen Frost. Of course everyone else and their mom had interviews with Stephen Frost as well but we were first so pfft [Swingin’ Report Show]
  • Barry the Nomad looks at the past redesigns of Sonic the Hedgehog in this installment of the Weekly Five [Because Sonic redesigns are cool again]
  • Here’s a new show: This is Saturn by TrackerTD. This first episode looks at Fighters Megamix [Because SEGA Saturn will always be cool]

Sonic/SEGA News