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February 11, 2014

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Tuesday Links: Available in Japan Edition

needleboomblue So those Sonic Boom announcements sure happened. It was probably the biggest Sonic-related announcement since they revealed Sonic Adventure. If you somehow missed it or want a brief summary of what was revealed, here’s the gist of it: SEGA of America has started a new branch to the Sonic franchise with the non-confusing name: Sonic Boom, which is basically a westernized version of Sonic with it’s own world and redesigned characters. Of this they’re making a TV show and two new games for Wii U and 3DS, all of which will be released later this year. In this universe Knuckles gets buffed up for real, Tails gets a toolbelt, Amy realizes that she’s been wearing the same clothes for years and Sonic wears a scarf for some reason. Also they all roll around in sports tape. Also it won’t replace the main series of games that Sonic Team is making.

Anyway, considering how many previews and interviews there are, Sonic Boom will get it’s own section this week. :

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