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Sunday Jams: Green Hill, Live and In Person

Hey look, it’s Sunday. What do you do on a Sunday? You listen to the twelve billionth remix of the Green Hill Zone. But that’s OK, because this one sounds super nice.

Performed by the YouTube band Tetrimino, their story is a familiar one: four people who have never met each other use the power of the Internet to play music together. Video game music, at that. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. The individual members have been bouncing about on the video site for a while, but only recently have decided to team up, this rendition of the Green Hill Zone being only their second track together. Their previous video was a Chrono Trigger medley, which you can listen to here.

So yeah, give it a listen. You can never get enough live music, and those solos? Just proves you can still listen to this song after Generations and not get sick of it.

Well, unless you are.

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    OMG!!! 0_0
    One word: AWESOME!!

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    Wow. I’m one of those people who’s SICK of the Green Hill Zone theme…

    …heck, I’m kinda tired of the Green Hill Zone itself, or any derivatives thereof… HOWEVER, this remix is very well-done. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Hearing the Toxic Caves theme at the end makes me wish that this group (or one with a similar level of talent) would tackle that song. While it’s not the most famous or popular of Sonic themes, I think its uniqueness and lethal level of funkiness would make for an interesting remix/cover.

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    It’s odd to me. Many of the green hill zone remixes I’ve heard in the recent past either have a violin-type instrument or guitar as the melody. I do like how it sounds, but I’m curious to why people choose those instruments out of the many they can try. Then again, maybe I’m just a goof and haven’t been looking around enough. The Chrono Trigger remix was nice as well.

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    I absolutely LOVE this rendition of Green Hill Zone, and the fact that I’m a pianist makes me love this even MORE!

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    You know, I wasn’t a huge fan of this.

    I think the pianist is really amazing and the violinist is good, but that bass player was not very tight and he just didn’t play the bass like a real bass player.

    The drummer I couldn’t say anything about. He didn’t get to do all that much interesting stuff, but he seemed pretty tight.

    I think another big problem was this wasn’t well mixed. I could say a whole bunch of musical words about how I didn’t like it but this isn’t OverClocked ReMix so I don’t know how many people would understand what compressor and EQ mean in musical terms. 😛 But simply, the drums could’ve been louder and the bass could’ve been mixed better.

    But my favorite was the piano. The piano sounded fine and this band has a really amazing pianist.

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    That bass is extremely sexy.

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