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Sunday Jams: Green Hill, Live and In Person

Hey look, it’s Sunday. What do you do on a Sunday? You listen to the twelve billionth remix of the Green Hill Zone. But that’s OK, because this one sounds super nice.

Performed by the YouTube band Tetrimino, their story is a familiar one: four people who have never met each other use the power of the Internet to play music together. Video game music, at that. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. The individual members have been bouncing about on the video site for a while, but only recently have decided to team up, this rendition of the Green Hill Zone being only their second track together. Their previous video was a Chrono Trigger medley, which you can listen to here.

So yeah, give it a listen. You can never get enough live music, and those solos? Just proves you can still listen to this song after Generations and not get sick of it.

Well, unless you are.

Game News

NYCC 11: Sonic Generations 3DS Has Modern Mushroom Hill Mix, Rumored Delay

Since our last look at the Nintendo 3DS version at the Tokyo Game Show in September, one of the concerns was if Modern Sonic’s Mushroom Hill Zone was going to get a proper remix instead of a straight recycle of the original stage music. The build shown at New York City Comic Con over the weekend can now dismiss those fears. Sounds a bit like the FM Synth version of the song from Sonic and Knuckles Collection on the PC with a rock guitar backing, because that’s how Modern Sonic rolls… or boosts.

The video, provided by Nintendo World Report, also includes more looks at Classic Mushroom Hill, Green Hill Zone, and the Big Arm boss battle from Sonic 3. With Classic Sonic’s Mushroom Hill, anyone feel the last checkpoint in the stage is kind of useless without the Lumberjack mid boss?

However, not all is good news for the 3DS version. Games Radar is reporting that the 3DS version may need to slow down, being apparently pushed back into early next year instead of releasing alongside its PS3/360/PC big brother. It’s unknown if the delay is actually due to polishing up the 3DS version more or to see how Nintendo’s handheld fairs with consumers this Holiday season.

We’ll keep you posted as more on the 3DS version comes in. Thanks to commenter Aerobian-Angel for the tip on the video!

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How Dr. Eggman Listens to Green Hill

Look, I’m not going to lie. There are about 12 million different versions of the Green Hill Zone theme on the Internet. Some are nice, some are terrible, some should never have seen the light of day. YouTube user EnergyLabsBR decided to throw their hat into the ring a couple weeks ago, but instead of using instruments or making up words to sing, they decided to go the extra mile. All they need? A tesla coil.

Fair warning: the video is loud.

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Sonic Generations 3DS Videos: See and Hear The Magic

So E3 is over, everyone’s packed up and gone home and sorted through their swag and figured out what to sell for exuberant prices on eBay. But in the explosion that was City Escape on the console version of Sonic Generations, as well as the fangasm that was Sonic Boom, it was easy to look over the other version of Generations coming our way, the version exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS. Luckily, gaming site Nintendo World Report recorded the entire experience, including a direct feed of the audio. So if you’re curious to see how the Green Hill Zone sounds in the palm of your hand, then don’t stop yourself. Watch the video below:

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Sonic 20th Anniversary Figures: Sonic, Eggrobo, Others

TSS forumgoer SonnikuForever has grabbed some pictures from the Jazwares booth at the UK 2011 Toy Fair, showing off a new set of “Sonic Through Time” series of figures. Each of the figures in the series are representative of an era in Sonic history, from 1991 today. The above is a prototype of the “1991 Sonic” figure, and it looks pretty great, aside from the normal Jazwares SUPER JOINTS EVERYWHERE design.

Two other figure sets from the collection include a classic Eggman (er, “Dr. Ivo Robotnik”) design with two Eggrobos from the Sonic 3 & Knuckles era and Tails with what I’m insisting must be Dangerous Ball Tower (because clearly Jazwares loves obscure 8-bit game bosses.)  It could also possibly be a Sonic 4:Ep 2 badnik. Just saying. No announcement has been made yet as to when these figures will hit stores, but we’re guessing probably some time near the actual anniversary in June.

[via our Sega Network bros Sega Memories]

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“Sonic Love” Will Make You His, Girl

I’ve told you about the games, I’ve told you about the jams. But tell me, how many people have the sheer talent to play Sonic the Hedgehog on the Game Gear without even having a cartridge inside it?

There is only one man. And that man is named DeStorm.

Using the music to the most well known Sonic level ever (that’s the Green Hill Zone for those keeping score), DeStorm lays down a track to jam while thinking of all those girls you surely couldn’t talk to because you were too busy trying to get all the Chaos Emeralds in Sonic 3 & Knuckles. Though I’m not sure what Pac-Man 3 is, you owe it to yourself to listen to his jam. Because, I mean, c’mon. You so fly, girl.

Oh, and don’t feed the trolls.