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Sunday Jams: Green Hill, Live and In Person

Hey look, it’s Sunday. What do you do on a Sunday? You listen to the twelve billionth remix of the Green Hill Zone. But that’s OK, because this one sounds super nice.

Performed by the YouTube band Tetrimino, their story is a familiar one: four people who have never met each other use the power of the Internet to play music together. Video game music, at that. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. The individual members have been bouncing about on the video site for a while, but only recently have decided to team up, this rendition of the Green Hill Zone being only their second track together. Their previous video was a Chrono Trigger medley, which you can listen to here.

So yeah, give it a listen. You can never get enough live music, and those solos? Just proves you can still listen to this song after Generations and not get sick of it.

Well, unless you are.

Fan Works, Music

Sunday Jams: Sonic, You Can Do Anything (Within Reason)

We here at Sonic Retro can’t get enough of the jams. I don’t think there is anyone here not excited about the soundtrack to Sonic Generations, for instance. And on Sunday, what else is there to do but to just sit back and listen to some more of that fancy music? That is, if you’re not already waist-deep in the Sonic Retro Game Marathon Extravaganza that is going on right now.

Sonic – You Can Do Anything is one of those songs that can stir quite a few emotions, not just because it was the title theme to the Japanese version of Sonic CD, but because it was a returning theme in Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and Sonic & Tails for the Master System/Game Gear. At the tail end of last year, YouTube user HyperShan3 had inspiration strike, and created a little ditty combining all three into one ultimate five minute epic.

It is true: Egg is never alone.

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Who Doesn’t Love Rap About Sonic the Hedgehog?

For some reason, Sonic the Hedgehog has inspired quite a large amount of rap. Sure, we’ve all heard Duane and BrandO’s seven minute epic more than you’d want to admit. And Sonic Rap has crept on the front page more than once. But this, my friends, might be the one to top them all. Once you listen to “Sonic the Hedgehog rap,” you will never be the same. This I can promise you.

Keep on spinnin’ me. Spammin’ me.

[Source: Bigsmilereviews Channel on YouTube]

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How Dr. Eggman Listens to Green Hill

Look, I’m not going to lie. There are about 12 million different versions of the Green Hill Zone theme on the Internet. Some are nice, some are terrible, some should never have seen the light of day. YouTube user EnergyLabsBR decided to throw their hat into the ring a couple weeks ago, but instead of using instruments or making up words to sing, they decided to go the extra mile. All they need? A tesla coil.

Fair warning: the video is loud.

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