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Monday Links: Suddenly Fingers Edition

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, and by that I mean not go to Sonic-related websites in the past few days, you know that Eddie Lebron released his Sonic fan film last week. And if you’ve seen you’ll probably think that it’s impressive for a low-budget fan project or that it’s crap. Or you actually have a different opinion than the majority of the internet, but that’d just be silly. Anyway monday links.

Sonic Retro News

  • Missed the community stream we did last Friday? It’s fully archived on Youtube along with a first look stream we did a while back. [Youtube]
  • Dario released a new version of SonicGMI for Sonic Generations. [SonicGMI]
  • Something that I missed last week, Mercury is working on a Sonic engine for in Game Maker called AeStHete (An excellent Sonic the Hedgehog engine that’s editable). [AeStHete Engine Thread]

Sonic/SEGA News

  • The first details on the PC version of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed got revealed and the game is up for pre-purchased on services like Steam. [ASRT PC]
  • Planning on getting Aliens: Colonial Marines for PC? You’ll probably want to know the system requirements. Also like All-Stars Racing Transformed, it can now be pre-purchased from Steam. [AVPGalaxy]
  • SEGA also released a TV Commercial for Aliens: CM. [Youtube]
  • The Conduit is coming to Android and will be optimized for Nvidia’s Project Shield.  [Polygon]

Other Stuff

  • Want another Jurassic Park movie? No? Well you’re probably going to watch this new sequel that’s in production anyway. [Coming Soon]
  • CD Projekt, makers of the The Witcher games showed the first teaser trailer for their upcoming game Cyberpunk 2077. [Youtube]
  • Joe Biden talked to some video game industry people because apparently people still blame school shootings on games, because I’m certain that other things like the media have no affect on things like that. [Youtube]

Video of the Week

  • The best dubstep singer yet

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  • Reply

    I’m afraid of watching it. I mean, Sonic is being voiced by Jaleel White… Does Sonic act and sound like an annoying brat who’s constantly trying too hard to be cool, like he did in Dic’s cartoons?

    • Reply

      By trying too hard to act cool you mean like every voice actor of Sonic ever…?

  • Reply

    The movie is quite impressive for a fan film but the animation could use work in some areas (sonic’s talking and expressions.)

  • Reply

    oh monday links you always know how to make my mondays become great

    birdstep is awesome.

  • Reply

    I can appreciate the effort that’s gone into it… and I liked the cameo’s from some of the actors…

    But that was the most hilariously bad thing I’ve seen in quite some time. Stop trying to make Sonic all angsty and dark- it’s really stoopid.

  • Reply

    oh look its sega advertising a game that dosen’t have sonic in the name

  • Reply

    Tsk. Not horrible, but really, don’t try to make Sonic dark, it doesn’t work. A fan film is better off being completely CG. Making it real life makes it like it has to be dark or something. Nice try though, I liked it, a bit.

  • Reply

    Knuckles have fingers ! WTF !

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