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Monday Links: Powered by Nvidia Tegra Edition

2013 has still only just started, meaning there’s still not a whole lot going on when it comes to news. Still, some of what’s going on is pretty cool, like Nvidia announced their very own gaming handheld. And it uses Nvidia Tegra technology! Meaning that Bartman3010 should be writing this Monday Links because praising Nvidia Tegra is his thing, but he’s busy so I’ll do it for him: Nvidia Tegra is amazing and cool and probably cooler than you are and can run Sonic 4 Episode 2. And that’s what Bartman3010 maybe would have written for today’s Monday Links.

Sonic Retro News

  • Remember Sonic XG? Apparently Joseph Waters (Nitemare) is still working on it and had put a new video of the game online last week. [Youtube]
  • Strife has uploaded an updated demo of his upcoming game Freedom Planet, he’s also looking into starting a Kickstarter page of the game soon. [Freedom Planet]
  • David the Lurker’s weekly reviews of Mobius: 25 Years Later are still going, so go read those or something. [Mobius: 25 Years Later Part 8]

Sonic/SEGA News

  • Anarchy Reigns releases tomorrow you guys, or on Friday if you live in Europe. [Anarchy Reigns]
  • Even though SEGA has put a lot more focus on releasing games digitally lately, they were still the sixth best retail games publisher in the UK. [MCVUK]
  • Here’s a new trailer for Aliens: Colonial Marines that we forgot to link last week. [Youtube]
  • Nvidia announced their own brand new Android gaming handheld using the latest of the amazing Nvidia Tegra technology. Meaning you can probably run Sonic 4 Episode 2 on it, so there’s your Sonic news for the week. [The Verge]

Other Stuff

  • Chris Davie, former art director at the now defunct Bizarre Creations posted a couple of videos of prototypes they had made for a racing game they were making, and it looked pretty awesome. The first video used the Blur engine and assets to try out new visual effects. The second video is where the real meat is, as it shows a new engine they had made along with an unfinished stage based on Dubai. [Brighton Storm Prototype, Dubai Prototype]
  • A new redesign of Crash Bandicoot was spotted at in a photo of the Vicarious Visions office, it looks like what Crash Bandicoot would look like if all he did was eat Spinach. [Crash Mania]
  • Nintendo is doing a short Nintendo Direct tomorrow because they’ll have an announcement to make about Pokémon. [Twitter] (Update: It’s a fully 3D Pokémon, yay. [Youtube])

Video of the Week


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  • Reply

    TimmiT! I know you visit the Random Youtube/Internet thread. Why didn’t you include the Cracked article? That’s a link.

    • Reply

      Because looking at it now, putting it in the links would probably only piss people off because the Cracked writer seemingly didn’t do their research and mistook Shadow for a Sonic redesign.

  • Reply

    Nvidia Shield is interesting.

    Sonic Propel is a bad rumor, like Sonic Dimensions..

    Can I tell you something, Timmit?
    I should contact NeoGAF members to tell them that News sites should cite CM forums as the main place that were it was first found (Not counting the source)
    (And yes, I said a similar thing but a little insulting by being a “Attention whore” in another forum…)

    Thank you.

    • Reply

      Didn’t know Crash Mania found it first, I’ll update the post when I get around to it. I made that thread on NeoGAF but found various sources for the image, so I’ll update the first post in that thread as well. Same goes for Greg’s comment, will put that link in tomorrow.

  • Reply

    I approve of these Tegra developments.

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