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Sonic Cosmo Fighter Footage Uncovered in China

Over at Sonic Paradise, member Alpha3 has documented his encounter with a SegaSonic Cosmo Fighter Galaxy Patrol arcade machine while on vacation in China, and has recorded the first (as far as we know) footage of the game in action!

You can read more about Alpha3’s trip and his analysis over at Sonic Paradise.

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    Interesting to see an old piece of hardware shelling out fun still to this day. Nice find! 😉

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    These tags couldn’t be more accurate. On topic, I have to say it is a much more generic game than i thought it would be.
    Also, did Robotnik’s machine have a super groping attack?

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    It’s a slow shmup… :/

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    So, it’s Galaga, Sonic style? Why didn’t they pick up on this here?!

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    This is neat (also,lol his father won a 5 token prize),never seen one of those or even heard.It would be better if it was more open to move and more faster,that’s it!

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    I don’t know much of Spanish, but I think a human translation is a little better than a machine translation.
    Here’s what’s written in that page (with the exception of Alpha3’s comment which I’ll try to translate later on)

    Let’s talk about this arcade that few people were able to enjoy.

    SegaSonic Cosmo Fighter is one of those small things you’d find in the fandom that not anybody knows about.
    It’s a small arcade, aimed to children, which a kid would hop in like those small moving horses in carnivals and fairs despite the fact it’s a simple game. It was released in Japanese shores in 1993 and never made it to the Western audience just like Waku Waku Sonic Patrol Car which is very similar.
    Also it has never been dumped as the informations about this game, or better saying, this entertainment device, is not abound.
    So far, there were only a few images taken by mobile and a single screenshot with a quick explanation of how the gameplay is. A shoot’em up with Sonic in a spaceship and with a button to shoot and another one to transform the ship and a stick to manouvering.

    Very well, thanks to Alpha3, reader and friend we could get ahold of some images and an exclusive gameplay video. While in vacations in China, he managed to play it in a entertainment hall (whatever the heck it means…arcade house maybe?) and give us his impressions.


    We also have some photos showing the arcade which is slightly different from what we knew – we suppose it’s a cheaper version, since it doesn’t have the tilt mechanism.

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