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12 Days of Sonic Retro Christmas 2011: Day 10

On the tenth day of Christmas, Retro gave to me…

…some fanmade Sonic Christmas specials. Yep.

By now, we’re all familiar with the officially licensed Sonic the Hedgehog Christmas stories, even if you’ve only heard of them on the front page. Sonic Christmas Blast. The numerous Sonic the Comic tales. Sonic’s interpretation of A Christmas Carol. That hasn’t stopped some fans from trying to create their own Sonic holiday specials, which all have their own spin to them. They’re definitely not everyone’s cup of tea, and I’m sure more than a few people are going to go “why is this on Retro.” But you know what? It’s the holiday season, and what’s Christmas without some extremely cheesy Christmas specials?

That first one comes from YouTube user SonicSong182. Broken up in six parts (wait, six?!) the entire endevour is done live action. With Sonic the Hedgehog plushies. Yes, it begins with singing. No, it’s not the greatest. But if you can get through the first musical number, you’ll get to jump into the plot: while Sonic and all of his friends are decorating someone’s living room, Eggman bursts in and tells everyone he is going to melt the IceCap Zone. In order to stop him, Sonic and his friends decide to disguise themselves as the ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future. Wonder if this guy knows Archie already did that, but…

Oh, right. There’s some weird sub-plot where Shadow dresses up like Santa and decides to reenact How the Grinch Stole Christmas. And apparently Cream needs some sort of operation. You can pretty much guess what’ll happen next if you dare to continue on through the rest of the series. Being made in 2008, you might be surprised to find out they made a sequel in 2009 where Shadow is forced to reinact the story of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer…yeah. I…I don’t know what to say. Especially since it takes place over the course of five YouTube videos. But this one has Big the Cat. Oh, and did I mention the cooking special from 2010 where they find Silver half-dead in the snow?

Right. Well, SonicSonic182 doesn’t corner the market on Christmas YouTube specials. Sonictoast does his own live-action interpretation, using action figures and stop motion animation. And what song do you use to start off a Christmas special? Yes, that’s right: Super Sonic Dance Attack. Wait, what?

The storyline seems simple enough: Mario invites Sonic to a Christmas party, where he also happens to invite all his enemies. Oh, I get it, it’s 90’s humor. With some scatological humor on the aside, we find out that Eggman kidnaps Santa and decides to ruin Christmas. Wait, wasn’t the plot of Christmas Blast? Just to warn you, the “special” also has a running joke with Amy being under the mistletoe, and an extended amount of the Hampsterdance Song. I didn’t realize that was still relevant outside of 1999. This definitely isn’t my cup of tea, but what do I know? It has over one million views. Yes, you read that right.

Sigh…so what do we have next?

Retro user Tiranno, along with his girlfriend decided to put that little ditty together. Clocking in at sixteen minutes, the feature is hand drawn, though only partially animated. It’s done in a storyboard-esque style, though the audio is done so it sounds like everything is moving. I’d have to say that this is the best of the lot, though Tiranno did drop the ball at one point: c’mon, Sonic was born on Christmas Island. It was practically begging to be thrown in there!

Yes, there are more random Sonic animations involving Christmas, but even I have my limits. So until tomorrow…well, actually I guess because this is late, it already is Christmas Eve. Only two more of these to go. Wonder what nonsense I’ll put on the front page later on today?

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  • Reply

    I’ve previously seen two of the three posted here, and I must say, I personally found both to be quite enjoyable. Doesn’t deserve too much hate. The second one here though…yeah it kinda does suck.

  • Reply

    -__- I hate fanmade stuff. This is crap. But maybe that’s half the fun of it.

  • Reply

    Shadow, the Grinch!?!?!

  • Reply

    That last one was pretty well-drawn, well-paced, and well-scripted.

  • Reply

    Interesting choices, Sonic Retro. 😀 I’ve actually seen the first and third videos, but I haven’t seen the one from SonicToast. I’ll have to check it out. 🙂

    Actually, interesting fact – SonicSong182 was the girl who made the first video, right? She was also the voice actress for Tails, Amy, Rouge, and Blaze in the Tiranno’s video! I just thought that was funny. 🙂

  • Reply

    That last one was genius, If that was animated proper it would be absolutely perfect. I now consider it canon to the sonic universe.

  • Reply

    Flattered to have a production I was part of be featured on one of my favorite websites. I play Shadow for SonicSong182, and I know she puts a lot of work into her videos, so thank you for featuring them! Also good to see the SonicToast one I haven’t seen in a while, and this hand drawn video is also fantastic! Happy holidays.

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