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Really Amateur Game Expo 2016 Results and Games

Back in January, the Really Amateur Game Expo made its triumphant return to the internet. Despite a few hiccups, the contest was a rousing success, with over 30 entries under the theme of Sonic Boom. Then that contest ended and we… never quite got a front page post up. But now I’m site staff, so here it is: every game submitted can be downloaded for your gaming pleasure on the RAGE 2016 site, with your runner ups and winner after the jump.

From the forums:

Sonic Boom and the Smash Crew: I’m still not convinced that this was made in a week and really that’s okay. It was just too good to be at RAGE and frankly, I want to see more from this project, maybe even at SAGE this year?
Nightmare in Eggland: We had a few entries with that were made with Unity this year, which we were blown away by. Maybe our standards are too low, maybe you guys’ is too high, either way, Nightmare in Eggland managed to take Sonic Boom and make a truly strange game worthy of its title.
Sonic Soon: This was the first game we received using Unity and it was truly a special experience. The custom models looked like something out of a fever dream and the nice touches like Knuckles glitching out or Sonic’s spindash just being a minor tuck and roll were great. In all honesty, this was barely edged out by our winner…
I’ll be honest, I kind of expected more people to run with the “Boom” aspect of the theme and drop Sonic altogether, but that’s probably on me. Even still, Lara Underground Boom is about the closest we got to fitting that bill and possibly the one we lost it the most on. Everything about it is so stupid, so surreal, and so very much what we expect outta RAGE. Congrats guys!
I want to thank everyone who submitted to RAGE, attended the stream, spread the word, or even just read the first post! RAGE was a rousing success and I hope that this year’s SAGE will be just as good. And with that, RAGE 2016 comes to a close…
…for now. Part Deux will run with SAGE 2016; new theme, more prizes, same amateur games. Good night everybody.

Be sure to download every RAGE entry from the RAGE site!

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