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Watch the complete Classic Sonic Retrospective video series from The Geek Critique

Throughout the summer, YouTube channel The Geek Critique has been covering the classic Sonic games in a six part Classic Sonic Retrospective which is, as described by the video’s creator, as being “essentially a feature-length documentary covering every single game in the classic series”. The retrospective covers why Sonic was such an influential series personally, and to the industry as a whole. It also does a good job in tackling the recent notion circulating the internet that Sonic was never good to begin with. Give the series a watch and stay tuned to The Geek Critique’s channel as he plans to cover the Sonic Adventure series next summer!

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    WAY more respectable than the Sonic Philes.

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    Oh hey, it’s great seeing Josh’s videos on the front page of Retro! 😀
    I watched them as they came out, and I can honestly say that I highly recommend every single one of them!

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    I’ve watch them all and I really like them and recommend it. I can’t wait for more of these.

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