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12 Days of Sonic Retro Christmas 2011: Day 11

On the eleventh day of Christmas, Retro gave to me…

…a bunch of videos of kids on Christmas.

So it’s Christmas Eve. Things are winding down, with last minute shopping and Christmas dinner being concocted. If you’re a kid, you won’t sleep tonight, wondering just what Santa got you for Christmas this year. I try to keep myself hip with the kids, with all their electronic gadgets and whatnot, but I don’t know what the hottest toy of the season is. But as a kid of the 90’s, there was only one item you wanted under the tree. That one box, covered in a Sega logo, that would send you into a crazed frenzy. While it may have been a very long time since anyone has gotten this excited over anything Sega related, let us take a look back to Christmases long, long ago, when the Sega Seal of Quality was still around…

Kid, I know you’re a kid and not a kid anymore, but you can’t cry because you got ten presents (unless they were all socks or something). But you are right about one thing, life was good back when the Sega Genesis was still a thing you could buy at the store…though I can’t help but smirk at the dad recording things. Saying it might just be the box and have a coat inside? You’re almost as much of a dick as Sonic!

Oh man, that kid didn’t get just a Genesis, but a Sega CD! I guess he did see the games. Who wouldn’t faint at seeing $350 dollars worth of hardware?

These kids don’t want to wake up at all, and I think that ties into the complete blank face that happens when he gets the Sega Genesis. I mean, I can understand he might not be happy that he didn’t get any games and so he’s confused…then comes the Sega CD, and the excitement returns. Never before or sense has anyone gotten that excited over the prospect of Sewer Shark.

Here is a link to video that I can’t embed for some reason, showing that, yes, even girls got excited about getting a Sega Genesis for Christmas. Maybe that’s why I can’t embed it…

I don’t know who Uncle Chris is, but he just got all of his nieces and nephews a Sega Genesis. Holy Toledo, that room erupts like no other. It’s a good thing they all got one at once, else that would have turned into utter chaos!

“What is a Sega Genesis?” Just the greatest system known to man, random uncle who certainly isn’t as hip and cool and with it like Uncle Steve.

This video proves that people can get just as excited over Sega products that aren’t the system. Or Sonic.

Remember kids, people got excited about a Sega Christmas even after the Genesis. Who wouldn’t want a Sega Dreamcast under the tree? Even if that kid does spoil it for everyone.

And to wrap things up, let us look at the story of a kid who was meant to get a Sega Dreamcast for Christmas but ended up with something else entirely. Don’t worry, it does have a happy ending.

With that, we only have one more day until Christmas. Merry Christmas Eve, everyone, and hopefully whatever you do tonight doesn’t drive you up a wall. Especially if it involves your family.

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    sob sob…I miss the good ole days…being a kid again…those were the best of times…and as we enter into 2012…thank you all for keeping the spirit of the christmas holiday and sonic’s birthday of 20 years alive and strong. LONG LIVE RETRO…keeping the spirit alive! Wierd…I can’t remember that last christmas I was excited about something…no wait..I do remember.. when I got my dreamcast…it wouldn’t read the damn Sonic Adventure disc…that’s when AMES still existed. Wow…how could I forget that one. By the way Love that glowing golden Sega Genesis…nice touch.

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    In the future, I am getting someone a new system with a gamecube inside the box instead.

  • Reply

    Are these the same kids from the Nintendo 64 video?

  • Reply

    merry christmas
    Ahhhhhh… Sega Genesis days <3
    One day I can say… This is sonic bitchs again?
    I say this for sonic cd 2011 port by sega/taxman… but i want say again =)

  • Reply

    SEGA’s Seal of Quality… You won’t see that on Sonic ’06.

  • Reply

    Makes my little nostalgia switch flip. I got my Genesis 2 with Sonic 2 19 years ago to the day. And that little machine is still kicking ass. I was so excited when I got it.

    Shame it’s been getting harder and harder to get that same excitement from anything, let alone Sega/Sonic stuff. Growing up sucks.

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    I love that second tag.

  • Reply

    To think the games are now a few bucks each.

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