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December 22, 2011

Game News

Here’s a Bit of Sonic 4 News

There’s been a bit of news regarding Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode 1 and 2 these past couple of days. First of all, Ken Balough has dropped a hint about the second episode on the official SEGA forums:

If you’re an Episode II fan
I would go back to where the Sonic 4 Campaign first began
In a month filled with presents and Christmas hams
think of the day, the HMS Warrior first swam

If my sources are correct, the HMS Warrior first set sail on December 29th, so it looks like we may see something new on that date.

The second bit of news is that a new version of Episode 1 is now available for the iPad on the app store, which has a better model of Sonic than in the iPhone version but still has the dreaded minecart and pinball stages. A screenshot of this version taken by Guess Who from the forums can be seen above. Also, a couple of months ago the game appeared on the Steam registry, meaning it will also be released for PC on digital download services like Steam or Direct2Drive.

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12 Days of Sonic Retro Christmas 2011: Day 8

On the eighth day of Christmas, Retro gave to me…

…Sega’s Christmas push of 1990.

I know that I’m a bit late with this, but hey. It’s Christmastime give me some slack. It’s not like I’m charge of Sega of America or anything.

It’s easy to forget, but there was an era of Sega before Sonic the Hedgehog. They were still in the business of making video games, they just didn’t have that killer app yet that would put them over the top. That didn’t mean they weren’t trying, though. As the Good Morning America clip above shows, they were giving it their all. Sure, it wasn’t enough that year, but the next? Oh ma’am.

Either way, it is a nice look into the very early days of the 16-bit console wars. I wonder how merry Tom Kalinske‘s Christmas was that year. After all, he was the president of the Sega Genesis…