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Early women of Sega: Kazuko Matsubara

From July 1970.  Matsubara was not only the first route girl but the first female employed by Sega, as far as I know. Route workers during this time went around to the areas where Sega slot machines, electro-mechanical games and Rock-Ola jukeboxes were installed, collecting money from the machines and updating records in the jukeboxes for the latest songs.

Who knows? Maybe she did become a fully qualified mechanic. In any case, hats off to you, Ms. Matsubara!

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    Cool beans. Hope she got paid enough, sounds tedious.

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    I get the feeling this has to do with the feminist thread. 😛

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    Hey! Shes kinda cute

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    Really childish but I just couldn’t resist smirking at her surname!

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